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Nov. 26, 2007 at 9:20pm

dogs. Dog love. (sluuuuurp.)

ew. Just, ew.

So I have a puppy (3 year old, actually) who's into self-love.  Which, ya know, is fine, and all, since we fixed him and he can't, strictly speaking, find it elsewhere.  But the big problem is, he likes it, he really likes it.  He likes it loud.  And slurpy.  At first, the kid was alarmed, when she first became aware that *something* was happening.   "Mom, puppy has an owie," she'd say with bug-eyed alarm.

We'd appease her, saying, ummm, yeah, he has an owie--let's go watch a Barbie movie, shall we?

Now, she's all, Oh, Bill, get off yourself!  or, Mom, he's doing it again!  like some jaded 14 year-old.  Troublesome?  meh.  So my kid has seen a dog's projectile boy-bits.  Whatev, less mystery later in life.

But tonight? Annoying.  I've got work to do.  And with other puppy's coughing, "I gotta puke!" stuff, I just feel...  like I think I'd like a cat.  Although... I have seen, loved, and given homes to cats who like themselves, really, really really, REALLY, like themselves... AND who've had projectile hairballs.... and a petlesshouse is so...dull... (and remains clean so much longer.)

(coming soon, free, to good homes, lovely dogs.)

(or not.)

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