Girlfriend in Tacoma

Aug. 24, 2008 at 6:10pm

Doubleyou. Teee. Effff?????

(sometimes, all ya can do is buy a big box of wine and go, guh.)

So off we went, child and I, to a week of sun, Theme-Park fun, and potentially heat.  Well, one out of three ain't bad, eh?

We went to central Florida, aka Storm Central, to visit family.  Day one after the red eye flight, all I wanted was some sleep (seeing as I had to share a row with a post-middle-aged combat vet she-male who, early on, engaged in her own subversive little war of "capture the armrest" with me, I couldn't really rest easily, could I, with my kid skooching innocently--or not so much--  toward my seat on the other side?  I was like, I dunno, WWII Hungary, with Russia on one side and Germany on the other.)(Oh, wait, WWII Hungary was already well Soviet, eh?)

So, Day two, sunny, Sunday.  Nephews, starting school the following day, are willing to let their hair down.  Good fun in the pool, man. Only, ominous clouds are gathering.  Only to remain, upon re-entry, home.

(more tomorrow.)

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by jenyum on 8/25/2008 @ 7:18am
Are you back? I've been thinking of you, out there in the center of the storm.

by jcbetty on 8/25/2008 @ 9:56am
yep, back, tired! We were on the outskirts on the storm (again and again-- part two of the epic, coming soon)


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