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Dec. 20, 2007 at 10:08am

favorite friends+cool art=A LARK!!

(witness the birth of a new gallery, tonight!)

Favorite friend Gretchen Bailey, who's been running the Sanford & Son gallery space and curating the shows there for, like, ever! is opening up her former massage studio space as an art gallery.  Tonight at art walk, the space will showcase Pixelations: Beyond The Visiblle, new paintings by Danielle McClenahan.  

The myspace site for the gallery ( shows a groovy photo of a piece by the McClenahan, that shows off an organic meets tecnological element that's really cool; Bailey tells me that you really have to see the works to believe 'em.  I'm there, with wee one, especially since the hours fit into my life (I suspect we'll hit it toward the 5 o'clock side of things, but the gallery will be open til 9 p.m.)  

I think I'll be getting some of my last Christmas shopping completed, too, YAY!! Middle Floor Merchants!


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