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Mar. 14, 2008 at 3:20pm

frosty frost park

(brrr, but cool in many ways)

I was worried, roughly at noon, that nobody was showing up at Frost Park because it was too wet.  I hadn't seen the feed since before 9 am, nor did I have my cell on me.  

However, Tacoma's Chickadee came walking down the hill smiling broadly about the same time that Dmitri (Izanmania Senior) and I collected yummy pink cookies from Herban deities The Pink Cookie Lady, The Pink Cookie Husband, and the two Pink Cookie Kids.  Soon others started trickling in, like the Erik the Urbanist, Erik Emery Hanberg, Ensie and Frinkin (and their enviable umbrellas) and then a link-tram full of Sitercrafters including KFrey, Cassioposa, Mandiferous (gah, was I totally retarded when I introduced her as Madilicious?  Yep. -sorry for beign a ted!!) -- and more!  Even Bond from City Arts came to join the party, not realizing our impressive little group would rate a visit from Tacoma Council member Tim Ferrell.

Even though it took me about two hours to regain feeling in my toes (rubber boots look cool but do nada for warmth!) I left with a warm feeling that sometimes the most basic civic action does achieve results.  

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by izenmania on 3/14/2008 @ 4:18pm
We got out of Cascade Bagel just moments to late to make it to the park at noon.

I think that Tim Ferrell's (actually a County council member, not city) appearance and little talk really speaks to the fact that we can push this forward into something meaningful (which I will be blogging firmly about tomorrow :) )

by Mandiferous on 3/14/2008 @ 4:26pm
I sympathize with the thawing process taking a while (it's been 3 1/2 hours and my coat is still wet).

I was impressed that Tim spoke as frankly as he did and didn't hide behind political correctness or diplomatic prose.

And don't worry... Mandilicious is my super-secret stripper name. ;-)

by jcbetty on 3/14/2008 @ 5:16pm
oh, hell. thought I posted a witty response, but apparently I didn't hit post or something. AND I forgot to mention seeing the de-lovely and de-lightful sweet pea at Frost Park (actually, I think he got there even before Chickadee, and his impressive hair, though dripping, never went flat, nor, he reported, did his scalp ever grow cold.)(impressive, that!)

-Izen--thanks for, again, keeping me on task in the details department.
Mandiferous-- I wanted to be Bettylicious at one point, but it was taken, so then I wanted to be Bettyluscious, at another point, for some blog entity thing. --so maybe Mandilicious was a Freudian slip of name-lust? Or, could be a really good stripper name; maybe the Diablo Cody memoir on stripping set the whole stripper name thing in my brain??? (who knows.)

by izenmania on 3/14/2008 @ 5:19pm
Yeah, hair's good like that... my scalp and chin are reliably warm in most any weather.

by ensie on 3/14/2008 @ 5:41pm
It's 5:40 and I'm still cold in some parts. But it was fun to stand around talking, braving the chilly weather and pouring rain. We attracted a lot of crazy looks today from people wondering what the hell we were doing.

Civic action, of course!

by izenmania on 3/14/2008 @ 5:51pm
That wasn't rain... THIS is rain. I was just getting spattered on until I hit 7th and Tacoma (a block from home) and suddenly BAM I was soaked. Sheesh.

by jcbetty on 3/14/2008 @ 6:40pm
BAM! --such an Emeril moment

(and ya gotta love civic action, in action.)


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