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Feb. 25, 2008 at 6:52am

fun with Mondays

(recapping the good & bad... and looking forward)

At about 4 this morning, The Man left for a nearly week long out-of-towner.  Typically before business trips, he makes sure to do fun and special things with the kid (and me, occasionally) and this week end was no exception.  

Saturday, we did the swim lesson/gym thing, then took kid and bike to her school to ride.  After that, it was a Rosewood sitting at the "bar" overlooking Proctor and all the good people biking away their troubles in spandex, after which The Man and I did a dive bar tour of "hot toddies in Tacoma."

Surprisingly, the best ones came from the bowling alley on 6th Ave-- the one that has mini golf, a restaurant, and pool? I think? -- we bowled a quick game (me, terribly, him, his best ever) and then I sat in front of the fire pit-ish thing and enjoyed bliss on the cheap.

The bartender/server/cook at the Unicorn looked at me as though I was a mythical creature with horny head when I asked for a hot toddy... I asked for whiskey, lemon, and honey, and got the skeptical "honey?" reply...  I asked for whiskey and orange juice and gagged it down.  Strangely, that nastiness helped the cough.

Perhaps the weirdest concoction of the evening, hot toddy style, was herbal tea, some kind of alcohol-ish flavoring (I think it might have been a splash of whiskey, I don't know) and a wedge of lemon found at the Point Defiance...Grill?>you know, that mini casino thing near the Antique Sandwich Co.  The jello-tinis  there probably had more kick to 'em, but I wasn't after kick, so much; it was all about hot throat-soothing mellowness.

The next day, I was feeling even more death-like, probably thanks to that whirlwind tour of Tacoma hotspots the night before, added to by a night of coughing.  Upon getting daughter at his mom's, we decided to go see The Spiderwick Chronicles.  Prior to that, over yummm coffee at the Metropolitan Market, I heard some sad, scary news from a good friend, and then later, heard my aunt had had a (minor) stroke. 

Whatever else was going on around me, as far as drama went, in front of us in the theatre was less drama and more effects, noise, and characteristically Nickelodeon-like slime.  There was stilted use of the phrase "oh my god." and an abundance of honey that made me laugh, in the context of the Unicorn the night before.  The Kid was on either my or his lap through the whole movie (there were some parts that were probably better for more mature audiences)(I won't spoil the end, and talk about stabbing a particular person, in particular) --but it was nice family time, at any rate.

Then we went walking/biking at Ft Steilacoom park, which was insanely crazy busy, with soccer games and massive amounts of families and kids out enjoying the sun at one of the best play structures in the South Sound.  It made me miserable, in my fragile state of fevered cough-y snottiness, though The Kid dug it.  I dug the bookshopping afterwards, getting The Kid the first Spiderwick book and another of her fairy series.

Then it was home again home again, jiggety jig; The Man prepared himself for his trip while I dosed up on Tylenol cold and watched the Oscars.  I felt like the world's biggest loser, not having seen any of the movies nominated (does Ratatouille count?) but I liked that this year the show flashed back to some of the highlights of the last eighty years.  And I loved how Jon Stewart brought back the "best song" winner (since that director hogged the mic) to say her piece, which was all about believing in your dream.  Diablo whatsherface made me happy, too.

So now, it's Monday morning.  Kid has a blazing fever, I feel hung-over from Tylenol cold PM.  The two of us will hit the covers again, after collecting nourishment and a minute of cognitive time; we will watch Disney and nap, nap, and watch Barbie movies, then nap, and have creative wiggle time (me+sewing machine, her+paint)

sounds like a day of bliss, here...

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by ensie on 2/25/2008 @ 9:39am
I know you're trying to spend time with The Man before he leaves for a trip, but you're going to have to rest a little and get well. Promise me you'll spend a little more time in bed and little less time hiking over hills while you're coughing up a lung, OK?

Take care of yourself and the kid.


by intacoma on 2/25/2008 @ 10:35am

by izenmania on 2/25/2008 @ 1:32pm
And I loved how Jon Stewart brought back the "best song" winner (since that director hogged the mic) to say her piece, which was all about believing in your dream.

He wasn't the director, actually. The film was directed by John Carney, former bass player for the band that Glen fronts (The Frames). Glen and Mar were the co-stars and songwriters.

It was actually kind of amusing... Mar is typically very shy and doesn't talk much at shows, while Glen is very much the frontman. So even if she hadn't gotten cut off by the generally insensitive Bill Conti (the orchestra conductor, who was being even more jumpy with the music than usual this year) I wasn't expecting much more than a simple "Thanks" out of her. So it was cool to see her take advantage of the moment and actually say something worthwhile.

by jcbetty on 2/25/2008 @ 3:10pm
ensie-- for you, I will go to bed, go directly to bed, to snuggle miserable mini-muffin (as soon as I write this :) )
intacoma-- yep, that's so not me :D
Izen-- thanks for the clarification, it makes way loads of sense now, actually. See, this is what happens when you comment on stuff that makes no sense to you. No,change that to, see, this is what happens when I comment on stuff and don't know what I'm talking about.

gotta go blow the nose and snuggle the kid. Possibly take more Motrin, too...

by izenmania on 2/25/2008 @ 3:37pm
See, this is what happens when you comment on stuff that makes no sense to you. No,change that to, see, this is what happens when I comment on stuff and don't know what I'm talking about.

Yes. I only ever comment on things that I know everything about. That way I never sound silly.

(Hint: that was a lie, just then)

by jcbetty on 2/25/2008 @ 5:06pm
nu-uh-- you? not knowing everything? I really did assume you were some deific entity with knowledge stores more vast than the microprocessors of 2002...or at least, the 386 machines I worked on in college, my first go 'round?

by izenmania on 2/25/2008 @ 5:13pm
Yeah, I get that a lot. I think it's the head-pants. People see a guy with pants on his head and assume "eccentric genius" when the truth is just "frickin' weirdo".

by AP on 2/25/2008 @ 11:32pm
How bout eccentric frickin' genius-weirdo?

by izenmania on 2/26/2008 @ 12:12am
That's a new one. But I'll take it! For as long as it lasts (so... until you actually meet me).

by jcbetty on 2/26/2008 @ 10:39am
hm. I'd think we'd have to add, "eccentric folk/multi genre frickin' genius weirdo"? --or are the extra two words implied with "eccentric"-- I'd hate to get redundant...


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