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Apr. 2, 2008 at 8:27am

...and the games continue...

(there's gotta be something weird here...)

Outside my northwest Tacoma window, it's looking like it'll be another beautiful day (and why the heck aren't the transplanted hyacinths and mini daffs blooming?  And WHY did I have aphids on my pansies???--we'll see how those mealy buggers like their Caldrea dish soap bath...) 

Aside from gardening, and the ways I can spend cash on floral love, I'm contemplating my next organizational coup-- the kid's room. But typically that goes hand-in-hand with organizing the basement, and since organizational coup #2 du jour is organizing artsy craftsy stuff in teh basement, most of which is the kid's (well, okay, I confess, half of it is hers.)(okay, fine, less than half.) So, really the day should be org-a-palooza, spring style.

I'm thinking at this point, with my clean and well-thought out bathroom (which included a construction project McGyver-ed by moi -- I made a shelf out of tape, fabric, and unused three-ring binder notebooks, upon which sits all the kid's beauty aids--a stunning amount for a six year old-- and under which sits labeled bins that pretty much cement my temporary anal-retentive insanity) --it's time to keep that momentum rolling.  Of course, I need to either a. do it now, seize the moment, or b.  wait for pay, so I can rethink the shelving/storage in her room. Or c., seize the moment, and re-plan storage as I organizing frenzy to my heart's content?

And then there's thinking about the rest of the day, which *has* to include some outside time, because spring days like this in Tacoma don't come that often...Plus there'll have to be some thinking about actual work and some work contacting, and a meeting at Biella, where I'll help out with a breast cancer fundraising auction.  

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