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Dec. 1, 2007 at 6:11am

Goin' Gump

(I was runn-nin'...)

The significant one had his fab new nano-gadget and nike+ chip that made me green with envy.  He told be to try it out, so I got a sensor, a wallet to hold it on my laces, and a bunch of other stuff at South Sound Running (the best running tights, ever, a groovy little smartwool beanie, and breathable-yummy running gloves) --and I waited.  I was supposed to go running with a friend, but she was feeling under the weather.  

So off I hopped, alone, to mess with the gadgetry that would confound and disappoint me.  FIrst off, I didn't know how to calibrate it (who, me, read directions???)  Then, as I started my workout, the woman's voice said, "begin workout-- cool-- but no music, no sound, nada.  Then as I mucked with the buttons, the woman's voice said "pausing workout."  Um, not the plan, so much. Hit "play"-- "resume workout" says disembodied lady's voice. 

Finally, I ripped out the buds and ran without music, to see what the nano would do; in a little over an hour, I ran 10.8 miles, according to the readout, which made me laugh-- yeah, it felt like nearly 11 miles, but since I know the distance to Point Defiance is just under a mile, and since I know the whole 5 mile drive is just under 5 miles, i knew my distance was maybe-- optimistically-- 7.5 miles.

Thing was, it was kind of a sucky though fabulous run-- can he two coexist? -- with amazing water views and a mostly empty park; the sights and smells of this part of the northwest are amazing, for sure, but when your feet go numb and your body goes all gimped out b/c numb feet don't act as a good foundation... Meh, not so fun.  HOWEVER, I felt a pretty huge sense of pride and accomplishment that #1, I never stopped to walk, and #2, I didn't stop the cars I saw on the way home to hitch a ride back. Go me! *cue Rocky theme*

On downloading the run info, the run became 6.8 miles (much more accurate, I think, albeit disappointing) --and I still have no idea what the heck happened to the music???

ah well, I never claimed to be tech-savvy.

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by jcbetty on 12/1/2007 @ 1:41pm
well. the original non-tech-savvy kid got the 'pod to work, and do a timed workout. Whee! would have been killer had I not synced the iPod to only load the checked items on my iTunes-- three this American Life podcasts and Kid Rock. (the latter, not my choice.)
so I got to run for 4 miles while listening to Poultry Slam; I grew considerably more ill as some person on the 'mill whose hygiene was questionable made my oxygen toxic, and then got to listen about eating life prawns sans skin and Mitterand's last meal. (a teeny, rare bird killed by drowning in alcohol, then eaten whole.)



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