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Mar. 16, 2008 at 2:32pm

hair-ripping bliss

(yeah, the two terms can co-exist)

I was having a hair emergency of the Eastern-Euro variety, both in the Groucho Marx/Frida Kahlo sense AND in the unmentionable sense.  

With Hawaii mere days away, I needed to be sleek, smooth, and un-bushy, and my regular esthetician (Kindra, who works out of The Turning Point and a med-spa in Gig Harbor that I can't remember the name of, I think it's through Multicare?) had the 'flu.

Much as I feel terribly for her, I was in a near-panicked state, and did a quick perusal of local spas that a. did waxing, and b. were open Sunday.  Biella showed up on my radar early on, since I have a pedi scheduled there tomorrow, so I gave 'em a try, not expecting much.  

My world was rocked, though.  Yes, they had an esthetician on duty, yes she had an opening, and yes, the pricing was reasonable.  (32, brows, 20, lip, 60, extended bikini.)  

Getting to the amazingly self-contained "city", I was surprised to get a super-cozy robe and locker in the "Sanctuary."  I thought this name was a kind of pretensious, at first, but as I sat in a blissful environment crocheting to a light classical music (thankfully no pan-flute-and-Orcas-mating-call sounds, here) I thought, meh, maybe sanctuary explains this feeling of relaxation...

I received my treatment from Sam, who was gentle  (I'm at a Certain Time of Hormonal Empowerment that makes my skin prone to ripping-- that didn't happen!)  --but effective.   

It was a good result, but it didn't end there.  I was told I could use the eucalyptus-infused steam room and shower, if I'd like to (yes, please!) and found myself transportted to a state of bliss that pretty much can only happen in a spa environment.  It's the kind of state of mind that can either be described as "butter" or "one step away from sedation."

The sanctuary moved up in my estimation, from "nice," to "situational Valium" --just exactly the perfect way to  spend a late Sunday morning and while away the time into the afternoon.

And, now at home, as I sit in my smooth and hairless state listening to Pet Shop Boys and XTC and other memories streaming out of the Sirius radio (something Wave something), I can only smile and go, Mmmmmmmmmmm. 

And contemplate vacuuming, while doing nothing.


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by jcbetty on 3/18/2008 @ 6:10pm
(sadly, the pedi and hair appt were less blissful, but I chalk that up to my stressed-out, pre-vakay, "I'm on a time buget here!!" state.) (I did very nearly blow a huge wad of cash on the super duper cute clothes in the boutique, but I suspected The Man would scoff at navy and blue striped nautical capris, even if they were in style, and even if they were from the brand Tulle, and then he'd take some kind of inventory re "new" stuff and ask me where I acquired the funds when I'm unable to pay bill without his assistance...)(still, I am kicking my own ass for not aggressively hitting up the sale rack... Obscenely inexpensive, supremely cute stuff.)

by Steph DeRosa on 3/18/2008 @ 9:04pm
I did not read the entire post. I just wanted to comment on a majority of your posts. Ok , I'm done.


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