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Jul. 10, 2008 at 1:23pm


(food, fresh, delivered. Nice.)

I'm eating my curried cous-cous salad, exploding with flavors inspired by a TNT article/recipe I spied yesterday, and helped along into its gorgeously flavorful fruition through my Best Friends Ever at Terra Organics.  

I've used some of last week's lettuce, mixed in with some of this week's, as the bed of my meal, plated with a drizzling of fat-free Italian dressing.  Then I chopped up the spring onion, zucchini, and yellow bell pepper (purchased at the grocery store last week) and then stripped corn off the cob from last week's food delivery order.  Tossed in a saute pan coated in ollive oil-heated curry (from Urban Gourmet and Garden), the veggies joined the cous-cous (cooked in vegetable broth) and then a can of garbanzo beans joins the mix in a large glass bowl, along with a dash of salt. After things cooled down, I added some halved cherry tomatoes (also from last week's order) and put several heaping serving spoons of the mixture over the lettuce.


(and *urp*)

(excuse me!)

--Now, for dessert: blueberries, those decadent little caviar fruits that make me happy every time I pop one into my mouth.  (oh, hell.  Kid ate the last of 'em.) (Substitute:Yellow cherries.) (and Yum, again.)

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