Girlfriend in Tacoma

Apr. 15, 2008 at 5:46pm

home, sweet home

(filled with oddities.)

my house is a pit.

my head hurts.

I could clean or do travel laundry or be constructive in a multitude of other ways, but instead, I'm sitting here looking at a computer screen and trying to string together a coherent thought.

We're at the "ten days and he's gone" mark, and he's had a couple of days off.  Yesterday we went to the gym (his assessment: The downtown Y has more hotties, but the Morgan Family has a better set-up and better equipment) and had lunch at the hub (after I had a work meeting there.) Today, we went on post and got some last minute, need to bring to the desert items, like a cheap camera and a bunch of ziplock bags.

I'm in a funk, not quite happy or alive to the changes going on, but a long weekend of briefings in Texas (holy cow, is Dallas *not* Tacoma!!) have made me feeling a bit more connected to that side of things.  The military is going to be a big part of my life in the year to come, whether I like it or not, so I may as well get used to it...

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by jenyum on 4/15/2008 @ 9:50pm
Glad you're home! I hope we see you tomorrow night. We miss you.

Littlest and I will be at Baseball practice at location we previously discussed. (Sorry to be all covert about it, email me if you don't remember) at 5:30, if you want a playdate earlier in the day. A. is dying to see your A.


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