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Feb. 15, 2008 at 10:04am

Insubstantial Fluff

(wanna be a writing groupie??)

I want to write the Next Great Novel.

Of course, it might start by me putting more than 1000 words to paper... and to that end, it might help if I had some motivation, via other aspiring Great American Novelists.  

So I'm thinking of starting a "Substantial Fluff" writer's group, intended to be a monthly meet-up where people bring in works-in-progress to workshop in a supportive though not obsequious environment.  I'm looking for some fun people to share a sip at a local watering hole, and to chat about different writer-y things, sharing words already written.  I'm hoping that mostly, we'd avoid using words like "The Process" and "The Craft", instead focusing on the more practical side of things.  My ultimate goal: To get published, get my voice out there, and make a million bucks, and be part of a group of people who'll do the same. Secondary goal, perhaps more important: to have some motivation to get some of my ideas out of my brain and onto paper.

Is there anybody else out there like me?

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by izenmania on 2/15/2008 @ 10:53am
Ooh, me, me!

Except that I've given up on writing fiction. But when I was trying that was always the problem. Write a couple pages, then drift off.

by jcbetty on 2/15/2008 @ 3:10pm
Why am I not surprised to see that?

(and I guess, there's a group out there like this, Tacoma Writers Meetup or something like that, I'm going to look up more info and see what they're all about. They could be just what I'm talking about.
(hmph. The things that happen when you talk to your local, colorfully named bookshop worker-bee friends.)

by izenmania on 2/15/2008 @ 4:16pm
Yeah. It does sound like a cool thing, though.

Granted at this point I have way too many other music and programming and non-fiction writing projects to really consider getting back into fiction anyway. And besides, I've always been much better at 1) writing non-fiction and b) editing other people's fiction than I ever was at writing my own.

by tacomachickadee on 2/15/2008 @ 5:56pm
Betty: You got me, babe! I've sworn off non-fiction (outside of work, and blogging) for the near future and am rolling giddily in the land of luscious and lively literary lies. It's quite the transition, and a bit of a scary roller-coaster ride, but once I gave myself permission to scream -- it's been, well, full of fabulocity.

by jcbetty on 2/19/2008 @ 4:02pm

Am thinking about a virtual plus real sort of group... Am thinking lots of thoughts. Am waiting for thoughts to all sort of coalesce together (rather like fluff becoming dust bunnies) before setting anything up... (time for some research on writing groups, methinks.)


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