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Nov. 26, 2007 at 3:47pm

Is it just me or is it forkin' frosty??

(no, it's not just me.)

I actually dried my hair and wore a hat, wool coat over wool sweater, wool socks, and wished for mittens picking the kid up at school.  Very unlike me; I usually stand shivering in damp hair and sweatshirt while the kid plays.

But today on my run to and around Pt D, I wore two layers of fleece, gloves, and a hat, and was still chilly 45 minutes later.  My buttcheeks were frozen. I knew then, the weather outside is frightful. 

Today, after school, she didn't play: she asked for earmuffs, mittens, and wanted to bury her hands under my coat. Um, yeah, no kid, don't go there. 

I'm thinking, I might have to hunt for hats, gloves, and other warm weather things usually reserved for mountain trips.


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by ensie on 12/1/2007 @ 8:50pm
It was definitely cold tonight. We braved the weather for Frinklin's birthday celebration and with the slushy snow falling it was freezin'!

by KevinFreitas on 12/1/2007 @ 9:58pm
Driving to and fro SeaTac just now was messy but fine. Big wet snow fell part of the time and made it difficult to see but fortunately the roads were just wet. Sounds like there's plenty more water and wind to come. Batten down the hatches ladies and gentlemen.


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