Girlfriend in Tacoma

May. 15, 2008 at 5:17pm

(perfect day? Yeah.)

What an amazing, beautiful, sunny, happy, warm, colorful, fan-freakin'-tabulous day!!

After a morning of attempting to get work done, I skipped out for a quick run (uh, got a little overzealous and very nearly puked up the non-smelly zoo hill, oops) and it was like some kind of amazing impressionist's painting with smell-o/hear-o vision; birds chirped, flowers fragranced, the warmth wafted up the pavement, the trails had that perfect spring-moisture pack, it was just...awesome.

Then I got weird news that I had been offered up as a sacrificial interviewee for KMTT next Friday, when the station does free latte Friday at the Bostwick Tulley's (6:30 am is the tenative plan... I may or may not be coherent enough to string together anything understandable... or I may be so strung up on the bean thatmywordsflowlikearushingriverandlistenersgo...  huh?)

Then the mil and I did a quick walk-through of the Farmer's Market and it was just ... wow.  Not a whole lot of veg, but the sun, the warmth, the energy, the bubbles, the Paprikas Chicken (wow, it was actually really good, and I was being pretty critical, feeling like my mom, "oooh, dat's not how I make it! --az nem igazi paprikas) --the friends, the reconnections, the sun, the sun, the city, and the sun...  

Holy cow, dude.

And now we're off to walk some art, meet some new friends, see some old friends, have some adventurous mom and kid time, sans jacket, in the warm sunny colorful bright city I'm lucky to call home.  


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by NineInchNachos on 5/15/2008 @ 5:34pm
Ms. Darcy and I will be at the helm checking out the sweet helm action.

by jcbetty on 5/15/2008 @ 6:11pm
Miss Ab will be stoked to hear that!!

by jenyum on 5/15/2008 @ 8:43pm
It was nice to see you today! The market had this crazy-good Tacoma vibe.

by jcbetty on 5/15/2008 @ 9:43pm
yep... between the Market and the Artwalk, there was a whole lotta crazy-good tacoma afloat.

Some days just make you smile, and happy to be a part of a community like this!

by Angela Jossy on 5/16/2008 @ 1:48pm
It was great seeing you at the market and getting to meet your infamous mil. It really was perfect afternoon in the Tacoma sun. Can't wait til next week.



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