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Feb. 19, 2008 at 7:40am

a long weekend of "livin' la vida local"


I love how Tacoma can give me the weekend-equivalent to "good meal glow" without a whole lot of effort.  

This weekend, a long 'un thanks to President's Day and two days of school in-service, was about mid-way into existence as I went to the Proctor Safeway to pick up some groceries and meds.  (for fun, go compare and contrast Metro Market with Safeway sometime.  Merely a street separates them, and yet, the chasm between them is deep, oh yes.  A case-in-point: Woman and child, each pushing to-scale shopping carts, walk sedately through the aisles of MM, grabbing organic milk, whole-grain spelt, and a bottle of San Pelegrino.  Across the way, at Safeway, a man has his kid hold his Full Throttle and Red Bull while hoisting a case of Steel Reserve to his hip.  Nice.)  As I placed my groceries in the trunk of my car, I had to do the mad "find the phone before it stops ringing" dance, nabbed teh bugger while it was still buzzing, and said a breathless, not-quite Marilyn Monroe "hello?" 

It was the man, asking me to get dog shampoo, "I was gonna wash the dogs," he tells me.  Delighted (he rarely "offers" that particular service) I skipped (much as you can, driving a car) to Wag, only to find parking a huge challenge.  As I had a hot chicken and cold milk cohabiting in the trunk, I was loathe to park a mile away.  So I tried option #2, Chirp & Co.  Parking was less problematic, there, but the only dogwash product they had was unscented (the whole point of the wet tussle with pups, for us, is to have fresh-smelling pooch.) --so off I went once again, to Wag, finding parking near the post office.  I jogged to Wag, grabbed a product that smelled nice, paid with a smile, and jogged back to the car.

I arrived home just as my mom did (she would stay the night so that when The Man and I ran in the morning, she could watch The Kid.) -- and learned that *I* would be washing the dogs.  Nice.

Midway into the first wrestling match, I discovered the dog wash that I got was actually dog *rinse* --yeah, pup conditioner.  Not exactly a necessity for a field-trimmed (though bushy) spaniel and a short-haired pointer. Damn, and double damn.  (Both hounds were washed with my Rusk "Calm" Ginger and Guarana shampoo.)(they liked it, though the second dog commented that the bubbles rather stung around his eyes.)

In typical fashion, I threw the dog laundry (about a million towels) down the steps, and had a great chat with my mom until we all went to bed.

Morning came too early, especially as The Man and I were running in the Live, Love, RUN! happening at Point Defiance.  I went into the basement to get my running clothes and promptly tripped, turned my ankle over, and swore like a sailor-- someone had left the dog laundry on the floor. (that'd be me.)

Fortunately, I was fine to run, and despite my weak training due to barking tickle-cough, we had a good run, completing the 10K in 56:20.  I was hoping to beat an hour, so I was happy.

Later in the afternoon, we went to the local elementary school to let the kid scooter ( a balance-practice build-up to the bike riding we want to teach her),  and then we had a family dinner at the Outback after visiting my aunt in Parkland (Is it just me, or is Parkland a different world?  Not, as in, "Whole New World" as in Disney, but like, as in "Whore new world?" (I dunno.) )

Sunday we spent the morning being mellow, The Man went to the gym while the Kid and I met up with Jenyum and juniors yum, after which we met up with The Man for a swim, and then went to Chickadee and Papa's house for real Yum.  Yum!  

Monday I did a crafty thing for my dad, while The Man went to the gym, then we all went to his place in Tacoma and let The Kid scooter in the park (S 60th has a great one!) after which we came home, grabbed her bike, and headed to Sherman Elementary's playground to see if The Kid was ready to 2-wheel it.  

She was.

<a href="" title="...and she's off! by jcbetty1, on Flickr"><img src="" width="500" height="375" alt="...and she's off!" /></a>

We had a celebratory sip (adults) and cookie (kid) at the Rosewood, soaking up the ambience and Tacoma-ness of it all.

Good times.

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by jcbetty on 2/19/2008 @ 2:52pm
oops. Flickr link didn't work... (arrrrr.)

(try again?

...and she's off!

by jcbetty on 2/19/2008 @ 2:53pm
whew! Theeeeeeere's a stretchy shot!


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