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Mar. 10, 2008 at 4:06pm

manly gum, angry gums

(and a nice warm dryer.)

I'm a gum chewer.  I think it goes along with the whole ADHD thing.  Then, along with gum-chewing being something for me to do when not being distracted by butterflees, it has the added bonus of freshening my breath, keeping me from inserting unnecessary calories, and giving me an extra something to blow money on.

Extra used to be my minty vice of choice, until I discovered Stride gum and then decided to refuse, on principle, to chew a product marketed aggressively and obnoxiously during peak-time television (the Biggest Loser infomercial-ization of crap has me a little irked.)

So there I was in the gas station, not finding Stride.  On the shelf, I spied "5" --was it "Cobalt 5?"  Or was Cobalt the flavor?  Fork knew, I just knew that I kinda' liked the snazzy packaging.  So I picked it up and added it to the man's beer, and then noted my Stride sitting right next to it.  In an impulsive move, I decided to get both, and do an impromptu taste test.

To get to taste, you have to get past packaging.  5 opens up like a pack of cigarettes, and is similarly stacked on the inside.  Nevermind girlie silver foil, 5 is all about blue foil, imprinted with 5s all over the place ( so as to reinforce that it is, in fact, the name of the gum?)  It's a manly package, and the product itself is manly.  Not quite as aggressively minty as Altoids gum, it's also not quite as sweet as Stride (or even Extra.)  While the flavor of 5 lasts an impressively long time, the sweetness tends to fade a bit, leaving a sort of manly mint flavor behind.  Not only does the packaging of 5 have testosterone added, I think the flavor does, too.

And then there's Stride.  Its packaging is lighter and brighter than 5, and pretty much you know immediately what product you're holding. It opens up like a teeny wallet, or a petite Nintendo DS, and the pieces inside are larger than Trident, but smaller than Wrigleys.  Minty and sweet, the flavor really does last a long time, though the times I've chewed to combat the cotton mouth of running, I've found the texture akin to a really juicy pencil eraser.

Nevertheless, it's cute, it tastes good, and BONUS-- The Kid likes the gum.  And with a few thousands of dollars of dental work in her mouth, I'm loath to hand her more crappy hard candy sugar-y things than necessary (in times of emergent surliness, candy is your friend.) 

And so we come to the real fun of the day: the dental visit.  We love Dr Block's office, because the staff is nice and give us otter-pops after visits.  During our thousand dollar visit a little over a year ago, The Kid got two otter pops, anaesthesiologically-delivered sedation, two puplectomies, and two crowns.

One of these is loose, and the receding. inflamed gum appeared to have a gash or something.  I described it to the office as "weird" and to my delight, the assistant said, upon seeing it, "weird." The gist of the weirdness is, someday soon, one of her thousand dollar molars will fall out, and the world will be fine. 

In the meantime, I'll take all these matters in stride, chewing on Stride,  while my laundry tumbles happily dry, in my own home.  (A-1 Electric from University Place came today--  nicely fixed the problem and charged me a house call and half an hour.) (now THAT rocked my world.)

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by tacomachickadee on 3/10/2008 @ 6:43pm
YAY! We love Dr. Block, too. Any doctor where one of your kids can have major dental work and still love the dentist is a good dentist. I'm one of the few among my friends whose kids don't run screaming from the dentist ... they actually LIKE going to the dentist.

And nice to know there's a decent fix-it person in town.

by KAke on 3/11/2008 @ 10:29am
Excellent! I need a good dentist for my A.
Speaking of the A's... She was sicko again yesterday and all night. Ugh.. Tired Mommy. Big 5-oh tomorrow, with The Grandparents coming down from Sea-town.
Let's shoot for maybe next Monday for some kiddo exhaustion, Mommy whine/wine therapy.
So good to see you Sunday.
XOxo KAke


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