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Jun. 14, 2008 at 7:06am

merry merry happy

(ripping off Kate Nash for run-spiration)

I woke up with a start this morning (and a little help from my canines.)  Outside, cadence was being called, and the rhythmic voices invaded my house through my open bedroom window.  It reminded me of first moving into this house, in the late nineties; I didn't realize how close we were to the Sound to Narrows route until we heard the voices of cadence, and even the footfall of the larger groups from our house.  We started a tradition of watching as a couple with dogs, then as a family; as I became a more fit human, I began running the run myself.  As a still-obese runner, I challenged myself to the 5K, and then as I became a triathlete and logged more miles, and weighed less, I ran the 12K.  

Always I had my canines, daughter, and man cheering me on from the side of the road.  I don't know that I ever *truly* appreciated the support 

In a little less than two hours I'll be poundin' the pavement with the slow herd. I'm  nervous insofar as I've not logged any appreciable mileage lately.  Sure, I've been challenging myself with some good hilly run workouts, and my cardiovascular strength is at a reasonable level, but the Sound to Narrows is a brutal little bitch of a run.

Even still, despite the nerves, I'm looking forward to the exertion, the sweat, the heavy breathing, the pain (and most particularly, the point *after* the exertion, the sweat, the heavy breathing, and the pain);  I'm looking forward to meeting up with fellow fit people, new friends I've made through my daughter's school year, and old friends I've had for years. I'm looking forward to sharing the beauty of My Park with people who will appreciate it in the same way I appreciate it.

What I'm not looking forward to is the emptiness beside the road near Our intersection.  No dogs, kid, or man will be there cheering me up the nasty Vassault hill, because my man is doing the cadence-calling military thing, and my daughter is staying with his mom overnight, so she can make it to her MLK Ballet dress rehearsal on time today.  The dogs will be in their crates, so they don't destroy the house  while freaking out over all the noise.  

But there's a song I've recently discovered by Kate Nash, called Merry Happy. It's boppy, runnable, and hummable with a string of doot-doot-dooo, dah doot doo-s that make me laugh.  It's filled with melidiious vocals, London cynicism, and a percussive piano that makes me want to move my feet.  Generally not a big fan of running in events with iPods, today I'm making an exception, so I can have companionship and cheering up that hill.  And hearing, "I can be alone, yeah I can watch a sunset on my own, I can be alone, yeah on my own, I can be alone yeah" might just make me believe it.  

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by chrism39 on 6/14/2008 @ 12:52pm
you did it alone and next year you won't have to and your right that was a bitch of a run.


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