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Jul. 8, 2008 at 9:23am

Nothing about Tall Ships

(but still, an occasional bit of Tacoma)

I missed the Ships.

Well, we did see a few as we drove out to a massage appointment, and then saw a few more signs of seafarers as we drove around and about the town.

But for the most part, we've been out of it, for our own very good reasons.

Reason #1: The neighbors.  Always a source of amusement and irritation, the next door types --on both sides-- have become a bit more irritating and less amusing.  On the one side, the youngest daughter has moved in with her two small kids and occasionally her boyfriend, occasionally throwing parties where they hit balls over the fence and then send some random kid into my yard (while taunting said kid with, what, are you afraid of the dog?) -- This happened once, I was in my room hearing it happen, and I wanted to send my dogs out to scare the kid.  I talked to them a few days later, and explained that the kid didn't close the gate properly, I was in my room listening to the whole thing as it went on, and I'd appreciate, in future, them calling over the fence *or calling on the phone* and I'd get their damn ball.

Reason #2: The Neighbors.  The other side neighbors have their spectacularly mulletted son and his wife, with their be-mulletted progeny (well, the older toddler: full-on mullet.  The younger: mullet-in-training) living with them these days.  As an older couple, the two were a source of wonder; the woman is some kind of verbal woodpecker/chihuahua mix, yipping at her husband daily.  "Put the pink flower here.  no, I said put the pink flower here.  No, here.  No, that's not pink, that's magenta, are you stupid? Why don't you know the difference between pink and magenta? I said put the pink flower here, no, that's fuschia.  Why don't you ever listen to me? Are you listening to me? Listen to me!"  ---that's kind of typical of what we'll hear from our end.  Mostly, the other thing we hear is him exploding with a huge, Basso Profundo, NO!!!!! at the point at which he can't take her anymore.  Then you'll hear a loud, deep string of profanities.

Better, now, the woman will peck at the mother of the two mini-mullets.  You'll hear the mother eventually round off a string of profanities much more intense than the man's.  You'll see her husband take her into the front and talk to her. You'll see her fume, and calm down.

Then, you'll see the woman yell at my dog, who has decided they are all Bad. You'll see me, yelling for my dog, you'll see (and hear) her, yelling at my dog and taunting him, then firing off random insults and paranoid things that could be toward me, or my dog, "what, what, you don't want us to be out here, in our own yard? What, you think you're all tough or something?"  --and you'll see me, locking my door tight and sitting in the house.

This weekend, I shifted things.  I went to a friend's lake cabin with the kid, had a delightful overnighter complete with amazingly good food and fun times.  We were tired upon our return on Saturday, and effectively slept all day (then discovered we had fevers and flu-ish stuff going on.) 

I wasn't to be deterred, though.  We would be having fun and getting out of the house, dammit. 

So Sunday, we went to one of my favorite places, Tacoma Firs Golf.  Kid got to help smack a bucket of balls (did a fine job, made me proud) and then we played a round of mini-golf (sadly, the pond was mucky and low, which made for a mighty disgusting, algae-filled time fishing out balls gone awry.

Monday, a nice sunny day, saw us trying out the Stewart Heights pool. The cost was more than a large bucket of balls for two of us to swim (regrettably, we got there 30 minutes before the start of the cheaper session) but I thought the slide made it all worth the cost.  Not so fun: seeing band-aids float lazily by us as we first got in the water, fighting for a space in line for the lazy river as rude pre-teens jostled us to the side, getting creamed by a stream of water by some dude who thought he was pretty funny, sitting on the spray-pedestal.  Go figure, I guess (it is a spray & play area.)   --Not fun, part two: watching the water turn hazy.  Then feeling the itchy, watery eyes that lasted through the next day.  

And then, inevitably, the days turn to "time to go home." And, inevitably, a baby screams in one of the next-doors, and the dogs tell me they're not amused.


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by ixia on 7/8/2008 @ 12:33pm
Mullets mullets mullets....
Can’t get enough of them!
We have a bleached permed femullet in our neighborhood, with a car collection around the home.
It makes me happy everytime i see her.

by fredo on 7/8/2008 @ 1:46pm
Very funny story. As I mentioned previously, the Fredos live next to the Dukes of Hazzard and the $4.00 gasoline has made things a lot quieter over there so that's a good thing. It sounds like your neighbors are Married with Children and Fred and Ethyl Mertz.

We skipped the Tall Ships. Last time there was a lot of standing in line and after seeing 5 or 6 tall ships they all seemed pretty much the same. (Does anyone give a hoot how wide the beam is, or how tall the mast is). It was a good thing for Tacoma according to news reports so I guess we're happy it happened. Can hardly wait for 2011.

by jenyum on 7/8/2008 @ 3:33pm
The kids always want to go to Stewart Heights, but I prefer the spraygrounds (no accumulation) or the wading pools (usually crystal clear) also, they are both free and I don't have to wade in.

We need to try Tacoma Firs some time, everyone seems to really like it. Glad you had a great weekend, ships or no ships!


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