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Dec. 17, 2007 at 1:14pm

post-weekend motivational deficit disorder

(when you don't do alot, how is it possible to be tired?)

The weekend had highlights, it's true.  While the Kent-area starched casual function we attended wasn't as dire as I had anticipated, it wasn't a rip-roarin', rootin' tootin' time, either, so I convinced The Man to take me out en route home.  We stopped into TwoKoi, where I had a pomegranate drink to die for (Pomegranate Tsunami, I think) and a mighty tasty rainbow roll.

At some point, however, I must have gotten something into my tum that turned evil, because Sunday was spent in an oddly appetite-less state that could only be quelled by the Kid's Rice Krispy treat at the Tacoma City Ballet Nutcracker intermission. I have to say, to get it out there: Concessions folk at the Pantages aren't exactly warm and fuzzy.  In point of fact, at various functions I have attended, I have witnessed downright not-very-nice-at-all, but I suppose the goal isn't necessarily "get the crowd to love you" so much as it is "feed 'em quick and get 'em the heck out of there."

Tacoma City Ballet's Nutcracker performance was heartfelt and struck me in my holiday-bone more than the Seattle performance I'd seen earlier in the year, though there was some odd body-type stuff happening.  I don't know if I'm a ballet snob or just mean-spirited, but I guess I think of "ballerina" and I think of lithe strength; I think of "ballet dude" and I think of muscular power and six-pack abs. I saw lithe boys, girls with six-pack abs, and some dynamics that made me wonder about the subtle, sexual subtexts in classical ballet-- but that' s another blog entirely.

There was mighty-fine dancing, to be sure, and great use of snowflake and leaf-bower props, though again, ballet-snob like, some of the lighting struck me as sort of seventies-disco 

And yet, I appreciated the energy, the style, the costuming, and the fact that my daughter was inspired and enchanted near-speechless.  It was a good afternoon despite having to drive forever to get parking-- the ballet started at the same time as the Revels, so the throng and it's resultant vehicles was out. There was a gentleman who tripped trying to get past us as we payed in a sheep-huddle like queue in front of our parking lot, I literally felt the earth move while the poor, embarrassed gentleman fell flat on his face, and then felt the energy of the earth shift while the guy in front of me realized he wouldn't be getting change for his ten dollar bill in a five dollar parking spot.

The Kid fell asleep before we even made it to the Art Museum, a fact that bummed me out-- despite missing the snow by 15 minutes, I had been hoping to get in on the last bit of community festivities and to see what would happen with the blocks of ice in the courtyard.  It wasn't to be.  Instead, I snuggled with my little sleeper while watching Rankins/Bass holiday shows and reliving my own youth (prior to fallign asleep myself.)

So why the heck is it, after a full night's sleep on top of a two hour nap, that I'm having such a hard time getting going today?  I have a to-do list a mile long, and I only have two items crossed off it.

I blame seasonal Motivational Deficit Disorder,(or MDD) a crippling ailment I swear I will study someday and develop a medication for.

But first, maybe I should nap before picking up the kid?

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by jenyum on 12/17/2007 @ 4:41pm
This time of year is rough. Only a few more days to the shortest day of the year. Everyone in my house has trouble sleeping right around the winter solstice. One year, we all ended up at Shari's at 3 am on solstice night. My littlest was 2 and she was totally awake.

Thanks for the tip about the Pantages, we're going to see the revels this Wednesday and I'll have to remember to save time for parking.

by jcbetty on 12/17/2007 @ 7:54pm
yw, mama!! This seems like a rough year, for me. I think it's joblessness that makes me a bit... restless, crazy, mellow, lazy. It's all very odd. But yeah, like you said--it's a weird sleep time of year!!


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