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Mar. 13, 2008 at 4:46pm

rain, rain go away...

(March optimism wanes, and returns)

In less than one week, The Man, his mom, The Kid, and I will all board a plane for Hawaii.  Maui.  Sunny. Bathing suit-y. Blue, many shades of blue.

When I say I can't wait, I mean it.  I.  Can't.  Freaking.  Wait.  The weather will turn me stark raving barmy if I wait, and if it persists.  And this is from me, a Tacoma optimist who hearts rainy weather and gets twitchy as temps get too warm and clothing has to come off; who gets whiney and headachey when the sun is too persistent.

But right now, I yearn for sun.  I neeeeeeeeeeed sun.  I even went shopping for sunny, flirty pieces to wear.  I'm afraid to admit, I did not Go Local in this first round of sunny-clothes looking, I went instead to the Land of The Cheap and The Cute, Target.  Which was, regrettably, the Land of the Horrifically Foul-Looking (on me).  So round two, possibly tomorrow? will take me looking in some local boutiques, like Envy and Tiki Lounge.  Will probably write about that (can a well-past twenty-something girl in the double digits of size find a summer fling in a local boutique?)  --And Then Tuesday will find me looking in at the boutique at Biella after getting my feet & toes beautified and hair purtied up; Tuesday's all The Day Of Many Other Trip Preparations, as we leave at the buttcrack of dawn, Wednesday morning.   But I have high hopes for tomorrow, which will also include a trip to meet with our housesitter, an early dismissal for the kid, and a Frost Park lunchtime trip, to meet up with a cool person who's fast becoming a good friend.  

Is it all ambitious?  You betcha'!

But I think I'm embracing this whole "Living la vida Ambitious" vibe, since I've decided to throw caution to the wind and become Jane Joiner. Volunteer to be on the PTA board?  SURE! I gush.  Volunteer to help keep spouses of deployed military members informed?  SURE! I nod vigorously.  Volunteer to help with a breast cancer fundraiser? SURE! I say emphatically.  The Man is going away soon, I will need to be kept busy. Since my paying gig isn't a full-time plus proposition, and since my kid is at a beautifully reasonably independent (and school-going) age, I will need a focal point past "rainy day.  sky is gray. I'm. going. freakin'. nuts." observations.

Mostly, the future holds good, great, fun, exciting, new things for me.  But then there's that rain, trying to bring me down. So Hawaii, and busy busy preparations, and then life, and busy busy keep head afloat-ishness, should keep all that interior gray at bay.



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