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May. 22, 2008 at 9:53pm

sleep, come claim me now...

(shopping is like caffeine.)

I'm very much afraid I partook of that crack-like substance known as "internet shopping."  

Many sale prices were reveled in, enjoyed, and inhaled, deeply.  I will appear put-together, newly clothed, and...oh, hell, who'm I kidding.  I'll look like myself, more or less (but hey, got the items cheap(ish) ! (piperlime and gap-- I heart you.) (and yet, I loathe you, for providing what I can't find in my own front or back yard.)

So what brought on the shopping spree?  Two clothing crises.  1.  What does a semi cool, of not elderly, mom of a kindergartener wear to a field trip that will include a bus ride, trip to the Wa St History Museum, a stroll through the alma mater  (UWT,) and a meal at the Spag Fact.??   Sure, yeah, long-ish capris, long-sleeved tee, hooded zip-up sweatshirt.  And then, stymied-- shoes?? Not, certainly, the blue Cons you've worn every other day you wanted to appear younger and hipper than you are?  --ahhh, hell.  Okay, go for the suede Simple sneaks.  *note to self, need new shoes.*  (shopping cue #1.)

Then, crisis number 2.  Tomorrow, chattin' with radio personalities Marty and Jodi, on-air, at 6:30 am, about what makes Tacoma cool.  Probably, for that, I don't want to wear, I dunno, some denim jumper/cotton turtleneck combo.  But 6:30=cold, dark.  low-cut=no-go.  

Mmmmhm. I think.  I have clothes that can work, similar to how longish capris and black long-sleeve tee worked.  But wouldn't it be nice to open the door to a wardrobe that worked?  WHere I wouldn't have to go, "too evening 'do."  or, "too mom." Or,  "too, I need to play the role army wife"  and on to "too "i have absolutely no sense of style and have absolutely no business talking to people in any sort of public realm." "

is this superficial and vapid thinking, without redeeming social features?  Hell yeah.  But here's the thing-- if you're a 39 year old, just getting into some sort of semblance of physically fit, socially active and engaged 39 year old who isn't a Cougar or trying to get laid, and who may or may not be a professional in some sort of publishing capacity, and who may also be  a mother, you have to consider, very carefully, the image you project, and the utility of your clothing.

so, yeah.  Gap.  Piperlime (b/c when one has a silver card and free shipping and sees sale pricing...what the hey.)

In the meantime, tomorrow morning, 6 am, will come early.

(and I still have nothing to wear.)

(but please note, that I won't go to free latte Friday at the Bostwick Tulley's naked.)

(or will I?)

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by tacomachickadee on 5/22/2008 @ 10:38pm
I'll have to go get coffee first thing ... mostly to make sure you're clothed. If you're not, I might actually make a mall trip for you. As much as I hate the mall and much prefer above-referenced online shopping when I can't find needed clothing at local boutiques. Speaking of which, if you haven't check out Sonja's lately, you should. I've found great stuff in the past ... even on her clearance rack. I heart Sonja's ... ya know, that women's clothing place on 21st near Magoo's. I still can't believe there's TWO boutiques there now. More incentive to keep to my new YMCA routine ... :)

by jcbetty on 5/23/2008 @ 9:02am
I know, and love Sonja's. And Dame Lola. And Tiki Lounge. But I can't find $14 cream colored dobby trousers at any of those places, of that I'm reasonably certain. I do want to go check out Sonja's shoes, though. She usually has great stuff.

(I was clothed, and pretty much rendered inarticulate by a condensed period of time and a mic stuck in my face, so, meh. Coulda woulda shoulda been naked, I guess.)

by tacomachickadee on 5/23/2008 @ 9:11am
It definitely could have been a topic of conversation ... they probably don't have many guests show up naked. But that Tully's sure does have a lot of windows, and it's a crazy intersection ... ya coulda caused a wreck. So I'm glad you wound up clothed.


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