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Nov. 5, 2008 at 12:15pm

smells like...hope?

(change is in the Tacoma aroma...)

It's like there's been an infusion of Prozac in the air around the kid's school, in the YMCA, and all around the neighborhood.  Are people really walking with a spring in their step?  Are they really smiling more readily?  Or am I just noticing these things more because I'm smiling as I walk with a spring in my step?

Yesterday at the polls, I noticed a couple of lines that had people buzzing-- happily, even-- with conversations like they were having during the caucuses.  Hope, change, record turn-out... those seemed to be the buzzwords.  In the evening, as the kid and I went to her ballet recital, there was an electrified buzz to the air.  A girl, 8? 7?, talked happily about how Obama was ahead with electrical votes.  Two moms and I, previously not particulary chatty with one-another, happily repeated the news back and forth of the early returns going our way.

I wandered up to a private party at the Varsity Grill and noted a primarily middle-aged appearing crowd (err, people my-age-ish, thirties and above) --prdominantly white, and I heard sounds like you'd hear at a horse race, go go GO!!!! --all rooting on Obama. 

Is it just me?  Or is conversation and go-between flowing more freely past color barriers all around; has yesterday's big political moment really unified us (or, at least, the Blue among us?)  --It has me musing.

An interesting moment happened last night as I waited for some kids to be picked up.  We were a diverse bunch --African American, home-schooled, Latino/a, white -- and mostly all under 10 years old.  A political conversation started up.  (ya think?)  And one girl admitted her mom was for Obama, her dad was for McCain.  The others in the group, all of them, were aghast.  McCain?  Why??  --As if the girl had control over her dad's opinions.  She responded, well, he thinks McCain has more experience.  And the girls started to pooh-pooh such a ludicrous idea.  I had to stand up for the girl, because I remember how it felt to be a HIllary supporter in the time of the Primaries.  I asked the girls, if you could choose a teacher, would you choose the young one with the fun ideas, or the older one with all the experience?  And they all went for young and fun.  I said, well, those are your value judgments and others value another set of things.  It's okay to have different ideas, that's what makes the country stronger.

As for me, I value prosperity with social responsibility.  I value action based on progressive thought, rather than inaction based on status quo.  I value resources like our environment and our youth.  I feel like, for once, a candidate has a similar set of values, and has the ability to galvanize a record number of Americans into political action and even political passion-- could you even have used the two P words together in a sentence 20 years ago?  Not since nineties-Clinton, did we hear and see the youth voice the way we did yesterday; even then, I don't remember hearing so many people talking about registering, or hearing of so many first-time voters.  --Even, as I stood in line, people *excited* about voting.

And today?  People excited about the outcome.  People hopeful about the future, despite the bleak economic situation we're in.  People feeling that change, and hope, are in the air.

I don't doubt that the country and its incoming leader has huge hurdles in the coming years.  But for once, it seems like the times, they are a'changin'... for the better.

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by chrism39 on 11/5/2008 @ 6:58pm
Oh man are they ever. One of my friends at school is pregnant and as we were talking it occured to me that her son is going to be born into a world where he will see his color in the white house. It's amazing.


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