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Jul. 19, 2008 at 2:36pm

style observation: Farmer's Market edition

(how green are you?)

noted, today and Tuesday, that a Farmer's Market has a certain style aesthetic.

You know what I mean: Teva sandles, cotton tees, evidence of walking (strollers, backpacks, dogs) baskets for groceries, and a sort of make-up-less ease that makes it feel like what casual was intended to feel like. 

I'm not making judgments, I'm just noting that as far as places to wear kitten-heel strappy footwear, tight designer jeans, and rhinestone-adorned tops,  well, those things just aren't that impressive in a F M setting.  

As I walked in my flip flops shorts, and tank, holding my flip-flopped, dress-wearing daughter's hand in one of my hands, while my other clutched my woven basket purchased at the downtown farmer's market last year, I noted: the Farmer's Market look suits me just fine.

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by fredo on 7/20/2008 @ 7:51am
I don't mind the strappy footwear and tight jeans. The mix of styles gives a bohemian flavor to the event. However, I don't personally care for people bringing their dogs with them. I've witnessed more dog fights than I could begin to count and I predict that a child is going to be bitten sooner or later in one of the Tacoma markets. Ask any market manager and they will tell you that the dog policy is one of the most frequently discussed issues. Hope my comment is not mistaken for a "complaint." It's just a comment...nothing more.


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