Girlfriend in Tacoma

May. 17, 2008 at 12:48pm

summer in the city...

(oh, wait...)

Can I say it?  Well, I will, as I have at least two here who agree: it's too hot right now. (Bill and Tank aren't impressed; I'm just irritated that I can't be at a sprayground or in a sprinkler right now.)

But today is Cleaning Day, as The Man arrives tomorrow.  I have yet to wash dogs and the subsequent hella'-nasty bathroom, but I did clean the cage of Fluffy the gerbil (it seems we buy rodents whenever The Man goes on long aways, as a sort of substitute dad?  Our last one, Flash, died a fairly quick though traumatic death at the jaws of the two unhappy heat sufferers, who showed themselves fine hunters for just one brienf and unshining moment.)  Fortunately, I like Fluffy (who is, I believe male, though I'm not an expert in the matters of rodent-sexing) better than I liked Flash, as s/he's a sweet docile thing who rather likes being handled (though getting her out of her cage is --the unfortunate thing about Fluffy is s/he seems to have a neurotic tic; while FLash showed her neuroses (btw, all our rodents are SHE, regardless of true gender, b/c the Kid says they are)  in the eating of plastic domiciles and the frantic "digging to China" in the metal cage, Fluffy likes to fluff up her bedding and hide out in her cave...While scratching her nose bloody and raw.  It's not a good thing, and I have to wonder... do they have gerbil Zanex?  Or maybe some sort of antidepressant if the root cause of the problem is that Fluffy misses her family??  --hm.  points to ponder.

But I digress, as this is a post about summer in Tacoma, even when it's not at all summer yet--not even Memorial Day!!--, and heat, and not being able to fully enjoy the heat due to domestics that were waylaid by a three hour--no, four- attempt to a. put in all contact information into my computer, then b. sync my new phone device dookumwobber, then c. talk to tech support as I could do nothing. Then another call to tech support, to figure out how the hell to reconfigure and add emails and all the other tooth-gnashing frustration that goes along with it.

But now?  I'm on it.  I'm wired.  I'm "dialed in."  And I still have a house and two dirty puppies and five loads of laundry and one stripped bed and groceries to buy and.... other stuff to contend with.

(yet here I am.)


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by scout on 5/17/2008 @ 2:39pm
It's too hot to be alive.

I am the "Goddess of Clean Domiciles" and you are hereby absolved of doing any housework today - that includes laundry, unless of course you are on your last pair of underpants - but then that might be just the trick for (soon-to-come-home) The MAN...

I love the word "underpants" so utilitarian & functional.

by jenyum on 5/17/2008 @ 2:49pm
We have excellent tree-conditioning, it usually works great until about 4 pm.

Of course, did not get to stay home and enjoy this since I spent from 10 am to noon at the doctor's office with a sick and miserable D, then soup for lunch with child who cannot get enough of hot weather because her thermostat is all messed up right now, and child who has forgotten what hot feels like since last year and keeps complaining as though I should be able to just fix that. Then target for prescription and birthday present, then birthday party drop off and "mommy and d" time now reduced from traditional Knapp's milkshakes at the counter to a quick slurpy grab at 7-11, due to super-sickoness.

Now I am home and the dirty house is calling. Better to get it done before the trees stop doing their jobs.

Edited to say: Oh man, super whiny! I'm glad you're seeing the man tomorrow.

by ensie on 5/18/2008 @ 12:28am
Enjoy your man time tomorrow!

by jcbetty on 5/19/2008 @ 8:38am
tmama-- ew. just, ew. Your day trumps mine, I'm sorry to say.
@ensie-- I will (am) thanks :)


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