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Mar. 3, 2009 at 9:08pm

the thing about the Bond Levy...

(I try not to get heated up, honestly...)

Here's what I think: the people who went to low-income, in-want-of-repairs schools never complain about voting yes on bond issues.  They understand that education comes at a cost.  They understand that a nasty-ass building doesn't inspire "oooh, I like school!" --And, in point of fact, nice schools have enough trouble inspiring school-happy thoughts.  In general, kids don't necessarily want to be there.  But old, poorly designed schools are repugnant, to kids, to teachers, etc.  Their programs might be great, but there's something to be said for a nice environment.  It's why we live in the northwest, for pete's sake.      

Many of us remodeled kitchens, or decorated bedrooms, and we realized it doesn't come cheap.  Why we expect that major repairs for far larger structures shouldn't cost *even more*, *exponentially more* is a bit... odd.  

Many of us think, hell, I pay my taxes.  Schools should get what they need from that! --well, if we look at the amount of our tax money that goes into the schools, and then look at the daily cost of operations... we might be in for a rude awakening.  

Right now schools in Seattle are being closed and lawsuits are being tossed around. So we a few schools that fall apart on kids in 'em.  Cost of lawsuit: lots.  Fixing to begin with? smart. Closing schools?  Imagine it's yours.  It could happen, if your attendance goes low.  Resources re-allocate, aince schools are paid per-capita, and boom, you're stuck bussing your North-Tacoma kid to a different school.  Or, imagine your lovely North Tacoma school, in its brand-new, nicely heated state. class sizes average 19 kids, roughly.  Imagine, then, a school nearby closes.  Suddenly, you've got 10 extra kids per class in your school.  Think that won't tax your kid's education?? And do you think that resulting lawsuits won't cost???


oh, yeah, I'm voting yep.  Because it's not that much to pay for equality in education.

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Pictures of Hunt Middle School:


If you've misplaced your ballot, you can get a replacement.
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