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Aug. 28, 2008 at 3:12pm

a trip out west, to the land of closed restaurants...

(a different sort of road trip.)

Kid has been bugging me about going to Odyssey I since her dad left.  That would be, what, four? Five? Months ago? (time flies when you're chasing your own tail!) 

Today was gray, she has been a little champ, she starts school soon, and I didn't have the energy to fight so when she asked me what we'd do today that was cool, and her options (that she gave me) were roller skating, playing with Barbie, and Odyssey, I naturally countered with, uh, how about bowling?  She looked at me like I was nuts and insisted, Odyssey.  And after a late night of loud-mouthing with fine friends, I didn't have the energy to fight.

So off we went, to the land I call West Hell.  Changes noted en route: Looks like the LA Fitness building is complete, and if the flags are an indication, open? El Jimador (Jiminador?) has now become "Game on! Sports Grille"  --yes, there's an e at the end of that, I guess to differentiate it from the other bar and Grill that shares the parking lot with it, along with the former Bella Vita high-end martini bar that's now a sport's bar.  Alllllllrightythen.

Next, I noted some shiny new buildings on the TCC campus.  Ooooh, aaaaaah.  Then, I spied the "for lease" sign on the windows of the space that still bore the Mad Jacks sign.  Ironically, the kid wanted ice cream yesterday, and insisted that we go to the Creamery, I countered with Mad Jacks, she said, "no, I want to go to the place where they sang that one time" --good memory, the last time we went there was, like, 2 years ago?  --and this time, they didn't sing.  (thank deities for large favors.)

Also vacant: Garlic Jim's (no sign) and the space adjacent to it (was that that it figures place? I don't know.)  --Add to that, the empty TCBY space, and the still vacant former porn shop, and the still vacant scrapbook shop, and I just sort of scratched my head and went, wtf??  --it would seem that that little pocket is, like, cursed or something?  I dunno, it was all just sort of weird.

And then I had the rare pleasure of having my eardrums shattered with the sounds of shrieking children (why my kid thought I'd home into her when she called my name, I have no clue, but oddly: I did.) 

I can't be too poopy-pants negative about it, though: watching her grin her total delight, cheek-splitting grin, and seeing her vibrate with that energetic kid-high that's some relation to the twitchy joy you see on the face of a fake id-card-holder's entry into a nightclub made me feel a little happy inside.

Then, as we were redeeming tickets for the world's cheapest toys, she said in a kinda' plaintive way, "I miss daddy.  he's better at getting tickets than you are."

point well taken, kid.

I miss him, too.

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by jenyum on 8/28/2008 @ 4:59pm
Aw :(

I am also very inadequate, in the ticket-getting sense.

That is really sad news about Mad Jack's. We just drove by there last week and I thought they were still open, should have stopped in. A's birthday party there was good fun.

I think it's like a desert, once one piece falls the dust just spreads. The West end of 6th Ave has been looking like that for a long time, and now it's spreading up Mildred.

That area is so dependent on driving, and many of the businesses seemed to count on the specialty needs of relatively well-off Fircrest and UP residents. (Scrapbooking, expensive takeout, etc.) Their market is cutting back on both driving and extras.

If there was ever evidence that plentiful parking does not make for a prosperous neighborhood, this is it.


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