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Mar. 8, 2008 at 5:14pm

when March gets busy

(but fun! and surly!)

I wanted to post about a pre-tattoo experience we had, and realaized-- gasp! --it's been three days since my last post (If I were a Catholic in a confessional, I think it'd go like, "bless me father, for I have sinned, it has been.....etc, and I'd have a hearty penance of ten hail mary-s or something.)

I'll get to today's thing, as quickly as I can, but first I'm certain you're waiting with bated breath, to see what my little Tacoma bubble has been like this last few days.  I won't disappoint.  I'll tell you about the Girl's Night (fabulously naughty, with all kinds of talk about sex and books and fashion)  and I'll also tell you about my delightful day prior to the decadent girlie time, where I visited Urban Gourmet & Garden and was inspired by the cobalt candles that will grace my home with their Anthropologie-like scent and then went to have a lovely lunch at the Pinwheel Herban Cafe and had a chicken soup I wanted to swim in. 

This all followed a nice chunk o' hunk o' burrnin' love time spent with the man, who took a turn for the Surly after I came home late-ish (one ish?) from girl's night and followed that up with a 9 pm. return home after a PTA meeting.  Yeah, I know, PTA, couldja die?  But, see, this school is in Tacoma, and people in Tacoma--yes, even parents-- are cool.  Fun.  Not all stuffy and freakishly parent-like; they're the kinds of parents you can go to the Rosewood after the PTA Meeting with, and hang out and chat with. Which is certainly unlike the PTA Parents of my youth.  (in those days, they were moms.  These days, yep, dudes are there.  Cool.)

At any rate, there was more surly behavior from the man, whom I suspect is having some "preparing for Iraq" issues.  Well, Hell, I'm having preparing for Iraq issues, too, but where I am in the whole "must get out of house while I have a live-in nanny" mode, he's in, "must spend Quality Time with the family" mode. And so, the man was surly, the house was messy, I cleaned, I laundered, I laid low in the background.

And then we seemed ironed things out over a couple of shots of Pendleton and good conversation, last night. Today had a day of gym-time for him, The Kid, and Me, and planned some grandma time for the kid so we could run An Errand. 

Part of last night's conversation was about tattoos. (at last, we get to that!) --He's been deliberating for about 12 years, wanting one that will join the skull on his shoulder, and the tribal art on his lower back (he assures me he got that when low-back tats were virile things to get).  We talked to a good friend who is Mr Cool Body Art (and coincidentally has recently become a Dockyard Derby Dames ref, wheee, and whoot!) --he recommended without hesitation Katie at House of Tattoo or Darin (Darren?) at Flaming Dragon.  Another coincidence a'la only in Tacoma-- The Man is pretty certain Katie did his low back tribal, years ago, when she worked in Tillicum.  I'm not convinced; it seems weird to me to think Katie's ever worked there, but whatev.  He wants some kind of semi-sleeve that has a Tribal-meets-Polynesian vibe, to remind him of Hawaii, his happy place, and knowing that Katie's won awards for tribal makes her seem like a really good choice of artist.  

Eeeenyhooo, we stopped by to talk to her, and we're retards, because Saturday is... well... Saturday (duh.  Ya think anybody else in Tacoma is thinking about getting ink done on a Saturday?) --so we'll go back tomorrow, but in the meantime, everybody there was really cool to us, despite our...duh-ishness.

In teh end of it all, we stopped in to Masa, largely since Asado was closed and we wanted to get a Margarita on.  I had a shrimp cocktail and free chips and man, was I a warm and fuzzy camper when we picked up teh kid and walked as she rode her bike.

(all in all, good days during a good time of year.)

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by jcbetty on 3/9/2008 @ 6:41pm
update: Katie won awards in Celtic. And we looked like tools with our vague-ish ideas (and the man turned mute, so I had to try to be the verbal one, desperate for artist head time whilst a crowd waited) -- I still think Katie's the way to go, with her amazing portfolio of work...Though I think I may also talk to Dar-schwah-en to get his feed on the idea...


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