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Jan. 18, 2008 at 8:11pm

ya get what ya pay for

(Tricare, baby...)

So this morning I went to the gym to meet my Project Runway night girlfriend, and we had a grand old time. 30 mins cardio, over 30 weights, and it was all good. I wanted to run in the hood, later, with kid's school parent-friend, or during ballet, but the day wouldn't play like that. 

I had my to do list, which included sorting out medical insurance. I'm eligible, through death of hubby, for military bennies. I called, after working out, to enroll, only to find out, must go on-post to do so. Did, and found them remarkably efficient. They signed me up, effective immediemente, and I could get a scrip filled then. Free, what would cost off-post, $80. Wheee! Happy dance! They told me to go to the mini-mall, across post, and after a 20 minute wait in line, I was told they didn't carry my meds-- though the hospital had it. I said, can you expedite my wait? The wicked witch said, you didn't wait here. --ummm, so the last 20 minutes of my life didn't exist, beeee-otch?-- she saw my stormy expression and said, in a snarky hosebeast voice, well, you can always go off post and PAY for your prescription.

Soo, off I pop, across post to my starting point-- about 5 miles closer to home, 20 miles away-- and get to the hospital pharmacy, and grab a number, 683. Number on illuminated sigh: 526. Holy sheepshirt, batman. Maybe they go quick. I ask woman standing near me, "how long is the wait?" she says, "I've been here an hour, and they're still 100 from my number." (she's 632.)(I'm hosed, and apparently NOT getting my kid from school despite giving myself 4 hours to run my errand.)

Turns out, that woman and I had a grand old chat, talking about the old days at the hospital, talking about people we mutually knew despite the fact she was 20 years my senior, talking about life and the future and the progression of things as we see it. It was all beautiful and philosophical and a man pushing his wife in a wheelchair, with a gorgeous black lab service dog, said, "what number are you?" I said "683." He said, "here" and handed me his wait number-- 634!!!!!!!!! I about jumped, hugged and kissed, and end-zone danced for the man, instead, I shrieked, "YOU ROCK MY WORLD!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!"

the woman and I chatted, more, with me in my ebullient state, and eventually her number was called. It was a quick turn, for her, as the pharmacy didn't have her meds. I wanted to call the press in protest, til I realized, up til recently I had been the press. And then my (new) number was called to her window. I wanted to hug her, to say CALL ME!!!??? -- but instead, I went. Pharmacy tech said, did you go to the mini mall? Yes, I said, they didn't have the meds. Are you sure? She asked, yes, I said, they didn't have it, they sent me here. She then calls a super. Who then calls the super of the mini mall. Mini mall super says, no, we don't stock it. She tells me, the mini mall doesn't stock that med. Rather than saying, NO SPIT, I smile and say, mmmm, yeah, so, can I get that filled here? She says, oh yeah, we can fill it here. She calls another super. Super number three comes over and I say, sheepishly, because it's a scrip for dexedrine, an upper I was prescribed for the ADHD, "I have ADHD, the scrip is for that." Super number three says, "you know, they have more current meds for that?" I say, yeah, been on them, they don't work for me, he says, right, it's important to go with the meds that work. Conversation continues, my doc can write a scrip for three months, thereby saving me the pita hassle of waiting in line, just write ADHD on the scrip and they'll know why they're writing for three months of speed. Super, I smile, and I think, JUST GET ME MY GD SCRIP BEFORE I GO SERIOUSLY FRIGGIN LOCO!!!!!!!


They go back, dispense the meds, bring 'em on to me-- no charge, thankyouverymuch-- and I skip off on my merry way.


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by intacoma on 1/19/2008 @ 6:17am
oh madigan lots many hours of my life there as well

by jenyum on 1/19/2008 @ 4:04pm
I'm telling you, just get hit by a car while standing next to your car. There's plenty of insurance money in that, and you have your choice of providers!


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