Girlfriend in Tacoma

Oct. 17, 2008 at 11:11am

yeah, no, not dead.

(tired, though)

Goodness I've gone quiet.  All around, really.  Blogging, socializing, exercising, etcetera-ing... just not a lot happening. That's not entirely accurate, plenty has been happening, just quietly.  

I've mostly finished a romantic schlock manuscript, began selling the betty bags at my friend's fabulous shop Orange (formerly Junior Bizarre) and have been working the standard twenty-four hour a day multi-job dealio that is parenting, having a day job, keeping a house from crumbling or attracting rodents (except for the one legit rodent who is, remarkably, alive and not devoured by hounds) --as well as hanging out with good friends on occasion, digging on ballet and weight training, (but not so much with the running since I seem to be working up a fine case of plantar fasciitis) and prepping for holiday festivities (made the kid a cow girl dress for her school's sock hop and the party we're throwing at the house.)

So, yeah.  been busy, I guess.  Last night I had a corrective emotional social experience, not that things were damaged from a prior experience or anything, but I've been feeling lackluster at some of the last functions I've attended. The Fulcrum Gallery was super-duper cool fun, I met some great artists and spent time with work friends and even bought a swell id card certifying me as a bona-fide tacoma girlfriend; then we moseyed on to Dez Flershinger's show at embellish.  We'd just missed motopony, but it was cool to chat briefly with Linda, Bennet, DB, and Angie.  Next we offed to Sanford and Sons, passing by Orange and seeing my happy little satchel in the window.  We learned the Lark is closing for monthly shows after their Nov show, which is sad because I love the energy of the place.  

In the Lark, a friend told us that Vicci Martinez was playing, no cover, at Masa.  My friends hadn't seen the space yet, so we were off.  I've not seen Vicci with her whole band yet (sad to admit that the last time I saw her was an accoustic singer songwriter thing at the Maritime Fest a lot of years ago)  --omg, she's good.  Not a usual live music lover, I was nonetheless in love with the pipes on that girl, and the whole everything (great chips, yummy dip sampler, a good house red) made me warm & fuzzy inside.

Today, I'm tired after a night out, and I have not a whole lot of plans.  work-type-stuff needs to happen, I'm meeting up with a friend for an afternoon Rosewood, then getting the kid and doing a whole lot of mellowness.  Maybe I'll make a leek and potato or butternut squash soup (my eggplant experiments have turned out yummy) and we can carve pumpkins and watch kid-scary movies, or something.

Sometimes, I just love autumn...

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by Erik on 10/17/2008 @ 11:45am
What a fun Tacoma life you are living!

by AngelaJossy on 10/17/2008 @ 12:00pm
It was good to see you last night and meet the other City Arts peeps.


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