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Mar. 19, 2009 at 12:06am

The News Tribune on Letterman's Small Town News

Sitting here watching David Letterman and his Small Town News bit.  First my ears perk up for Langley, WA and some Whidbey newspaper.  I thought oh cool.  And then the very next one was from The News Tribune in Tacoma, WA.  It was a job posting in the classifieds under the Labor section.  It was an advertisement for a fork lift operator, and the very first word in the description of the job was supposed to be warehouse, but it was misspelled to say "whorehouse."

Dave and Paul had a chuckle about why a whorehouse would need a fork lift operater.  :)

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Sep. 19, 2008 at 1:46pm

Greetings from Exit 129

North Ender now living in the South End

Well, I have been an official South Ender for about a week now and it is not so bad.  I got to say that Spuds makes a mean Canadian Bacon sandwich, and I couldn't be happier living near an Ezell's Chicken again (ever since their failed attempt on 6th Ave).

I have found that my friends and family will still come to my house, even though I don't live in the North End any more. 

While I am doing more freeway driving than before, my old stomping grounds with the freeway are only really 15 minutes away.  Working Downtown allows me to take my favorite tiny stretch of freeway to get there.  That part that goes from 38th street to I-705.  I am not sure what it's called, but I ALWAYS imagine I have a Porsche taking those awesome corners.

One of the first couple morning I was in the house I got up and went to McDonald's for some unhealthy breakfast.  I was gone for maybe 10 minutes.  When i got back to the new house, my new neighbors cat had been run over on S 76th street.  I couldn't believe my bad timing as it had just happened.  So I had the unfortunate task of waking up my new neighbors (whom I had only briefly met once) and inform them that their cat had been hit by a car and was dead.  So, my cat will never see the light of day except through a window, and my black lab will never be let out lose from the back yard.  Which I know she shouldn't anyways, but in the old 'hood, she knew everyone and never caused much trouble.  But those days are gone.

To end on a not so sad note; Tuesday the maintenance crew has to come over to fix a couple broken windows, snake the bathroom drains, and shore up some questionable electrical work on the fuse box.  Besides, those minor issues, I love the house and big back yard and so far, the neighborhood!

Until next time, signing off from Exit 129.  :)

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Sep. 6, 2008 at 5:12pm

Lifelong North End'er moving to the South End

From one end of Tacoma to the other

I have lived everywhere in the North End including; the 6th Ave district, Old Town on McCarver St, the Stadium District, across from Downing Elementary on N 26th & Orchard, down to N 49th & Bristol near The Point, and finally near UPS by N 15th and Anderson St.  I am pretty much a lifelong North End'er.  This part of Tacoma just feels like home to me.  I know every back road and short cut their is to know.  We've got Ruston Way, the Narrows Bridge, and Point Defiance.  Not to mention the revived 6th Ave district with cool bars and live music, The West End, The Spar, PSP, MSM, and other great places that make this End feel like home.

Well, the time has come to leave the nest and move to South End near South 72th and Pacifc Ave.  The neighborhood is great, the house is great, it just feels far away from the part of town that I know and love.

Anyone else make this similar move?  Or, do I just need to expand my Gritty horizons and buck up?

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