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May. 29, 2013 at 6:43am

McKinley Park Needs Your Love (And Help)

Everyone loves the scenic grandure of Point Defiance Park, the city-centric Wright Park, and the chalk of puny-but-loved Frost Park. Another park, Tacoma, needs your love as well: McKinley Park.

Photo courtesy Friends of McKinley Park

Your tax dollars (remember that Metro Parks bond that passed in 2005?) and over 18,000 hours of volunteer time, sweat, blood, and love (just a portion of which can be seen at right) have gone into this historic gem of a public space. McKinley is tucked away in the neighborhood just uphill from the Tacoma Dome on the side of the hill between I-5 and the curve where "D" Street turns into McKinley. This oft-overlooked, tranquil green space sports great walking/jogging trails, brand new play equipment for the kiddos, a skate park, a beautiful and historic spring-fed pond, and even an off-leash area for your pooch.

Some vandals would like McKinley Park to again revert to the forbidden, dark, wooded realm it once was. Seen below in the screenshots from a surveillance camera setup for just this purpose (view video), they've been undoing all that hard work by trashing the landscape restoration and spraying surfaces with tags. "These youths were just the lucky ones and were spotted on camera on the 11th of May," said Lynnette Scheidt, a keystone of Friends of McKinley Park and co-founder of the Dometop Neighborhood Alliance. "On the 8th there were 2 grown men that did the same destruction."

(click for detailed view)

Don't let these few who could care less keep you away from an amazing park! If you recognize the perps pictured here let TPD know at 253-591-5001 -- they have a file open and can add whatever info you have to it. If you don't, share this post in case someone does. Given the chance, Lynette's punishment would be a strong, thorough, "education on saving the earth. A court order to work and learn about why people like us are trying to save this place not destroy it for our future generations." Gotta love that!

Otherwise, love McKinley! Take your next walk there. Have your next birthday picnic there. Positive use and activity will drive out people allergic to such things. Get involved and join the Friends of McKinley Park group on Facebook and keep an eye out for work parties where you can help do your part to make an already beautifully improved park even better.

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