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Feb. 28, 2009 at 1:00am

A Call to Action on Pierce County Government Shenanigans

From my "in" box:

Funny things are going on over Pierce County as they scramble to plug the budget shortfall.

I had thought that these funds were protected by Washington State mandate for historic preservation use. And I guess the commitment made by the Pierce County council to the preservation community last year was one of convenience.

Is there hope for change in Pierce County politics? I remain doubtful, but we'll see.


Historic Tacoma has been tracking the use of a new $1 surcharge established by the legislature in 2005 for historic preservation & programming.  The funding is allocated by County Council.  As the county struggles to address a budget deficit, it recently proposed transferring $225,000 from its historic preservation program, specifically funds slated for a much-needed countywide historic resource inventory.  Some inventories have not been updated in over 30 years.  Historic Tacoma believes that inventory work is vital: if we don't know what we've got, it is difficult to preserve it.
       While the county's budget shortfall is severe, we are concerned that the $1M in revenue to date has not been distributed equitably across the county.  The majority of funds have been retained for use by county departments for document preservation.  To date, only a $195,000 grant cycle for bricks and mortar preservation projects has been funded; a $60,000 countywide inventory of historic documents is planned for this year.  If the cut is made, the  Tacoma's Historic Preservation Program stands to lose as much as $90,000 in historic resource inventory funds. 

WHAT YOU CAN DO:  Pierce County Council's Committee of the Whole will discuss budget amendment 2009-16, which includes the proposed $225K cut to the county's historic preservation program/special fund, at 9:30am, March 10th, Room 1045, 10th floor, City-County Building downtown. 
       It is important to let Council and the County Executive know that historic preservation is a long term investment in economic development, environmental sustainability and the built environment.  Visit our homepage for

  • Contact information for County Council & Executive
  • One-page fact sheet on the issue, incl talking points 
  • Sample letter
  • Text of budget amendment 2009-16

We encourage phone calls, email messages, letters and most importantly, one-on-one conversations with your Council representative.  We also encourage attendance at the meeting on March 10th -- this is where a decision will probably be made, with official vote at a March Council meeting (TBA on our website homepage).

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