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Oct. 1, 2008 at 12:10pm

Chalkie is a Centerfold!

(Not THAT kind of centerfold!)

The October issue of City Arts Tacoma magazine has a neat article on a subject near and dear to my heart: Day of the Dead happenings in Tacoma. Famous Frost Park Chalk-Off Chalkie, James Stowe, honors the centerfold article with a great illustration of a Day of the Dead procession (possibly on 6th Ave?).

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by jcbetty on 10/1/2008 @ 1:36pm
--and there's a mighty fine little illustration he did of himself, in the City Scene section, as well!!

by jamesstoweart on 10/1/2008 @ 2:51pm
Thanks for the plug!

I had a great time on that spread. I hope everyone grabs a copy. Hopefully I'll be doing more work for City Arts (and answering more zombie related questions) in the future.

And a special thanks to JCBetty, none of it would have happened without her support.

by NineInchNachos on 10/1/2008 @ 8:59pm
nice work sir! some of the best i've seen in the ol' city arts.