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Aug. 26, 2009 at 6:47am

The City of Tacoma Wants to Know What You Think of The Brewery District

The City of Tacoma is currently working on a feasibility study to encourage revitalization and re-use of the Brewery District - a downtown neighborhood just to the south of the University of Washington Tacoma campus.

We would like to know how you use the Brewery District and what ideas you have for its future. Please click on the following link to complete this online survey

The survey should take about 5-10 minutes to complete and asks questions related to development of city-owned land, historic preservation, the creative arts, and connectivity. For more background information and maps, please go to   

The City of Tacoma will use this information to move forward with a vision and proposals for future development of that area that best fits the community's needs.

Surveys will be collected until September 30, 2009.

Please share this survey with others who may be interested.

Questions? Comments? Problems? Contact Amy McBride at

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by Nick on 8/26/2009 @ 9:52am
Normally I'm skeptical of these surveys, given they seem to be a dime a dozen with the City. But in this case I'm actually optimistic. We've already seen the results of public commitment to this area with the rigorous review process applied to the proposed hotel for this area, so I have some confidence this might actually lead to something.

by jenyum on 9/6/2009 @ 1:57pm
Something new to do in the Brewery District:

In one of the old Pacific Brewery buildings, pictured in this drawing of a pre-prohibition idealized C Street.

More history:

by morgan on 9/6/2009 @ 6:27pm
Wow! That's one way to put 8,000 square feet of old warehouse space to use! That is some build-out! I don't get it though- no paint? Seems like it would be much more fun with paint!

by jenyum on 9/6/2009 @ 7:06pm
Airsoft and paintball are completely different sports, with a lot of differences in strategy and game play. Paintball would be considerably more expensive to play as well, since the ammunition is quite a bit more pricey.

Also, getting shot in paintball CQB would be really, really painful. (As opposed to airsoft CQB which is merely really painful.)

More about airsoft:

by L.S.Erhardt on 9/6/2009 @ 10:03pm
That's awesome. I'm not likely to ever go... shooting things and simulated warfare are not my idea of fun. But it's good that something is going in that many others will enjoy.

by Nick on 9/7/2009 @ 7:32pm
Woah, that is just blocks away from the office... I am soo taking a long lunch break in the near future...