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Feb. 17, 2009 at 1:17pm

Coming Thursday: The Urban Orchestra Remix Experiment

From my "in" box:


Tacoma Art Center Presents:
The Urban Orchestra
Remix Experiment

With  Dj Ray Sunshine
Third Thursday, 2.19.09
Doors @ 7:30, performance at 8
Upstairs, 4th door on the left

Come join us in a live orchestral electro-battle

The Urban orchestra is composed of cello, violins, french horns, flute, piano, bass, guitar, drums, and the amazing Marie Nelson on vocals.
Dj Ray Sunshine, the newest member to the band, will be mixing in his Funky House Teckno.

Come get your groove one with us and while your here check out the art being produced by the residents of The Tacoma Art Center Building:

Mary K. Johnson
Deana Nyugen
Ann Koi of Catalyst Studios
Stewart Dempster of Open Water Studios

The Tacoma Art Center Building is located at:
2367 Tacoma Ave. S. 98402
Right on the corned of S. 25th and Tacoma Ave. S

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