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Sep. 25, 2008 at 8:00am

Hilltop Gets Historic

One of my favorite local scribes in town, Todd Mathews, writes about an effort in Hilltop's Wedge neighborhood to create a new historic district. Kudos to the folks involved with going the extra mile to put the nomination together. Tacoma needs more activism like this.

When I moved back to town a few years ago, I kept on hearing about a "North Slope Historic District." I was blown away to find out that it was in reference to the neighborhood I had grown up in! A neighborhood at the time not too different than many other neighborhoods. I still consider it not too different than many other neighborhoods.

Along with the creation of pocket parks and community gardens, historic districts are a way to create neighborhood identity and raise self-perception - something I think many Tacoma neighborhoods could benefit from.

Besides the Wedge, I am also aware of an effort to revive the idea for Old Town and although I haven't heard an update in quite a while, I hope the Whitman folks are still moving ahead too. There's even talk about a modernist historic district on the West end.

Read all about it: A Slice of History: Two meetings will explore Wedge historic district nomination

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by SouthEnd on 9/26/2008 @ 10:35am
Whitman is moving ahead - we have roughed out the boundaries and are starting with the application. Geez, we have filled a three inch D Ring binder with information...

We hope to have the application to the Historic Preservation ofice in the next two months -