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May. 15, 2009 at 1:00am

Introducing: BABY HEAD GLASSES! (online)

From my "in" box. I first saw these a few years ago and knew that I had to have some. I ended up giving a set to a couple I knew - one radioactive green and one orange cream-sickle. They ended up breaking off their relationship a short time later, although I don't think it had anything to do with doll head cups. Still, I wondered how I might get back the one that my friends now ex walked away with.

Even though these were not created in Tacoma, I think we can lay claim to them now - there must be some sort of statute of limitations on where artistic ideas originate from. 

And now, may I present to you: BABY HEAD GLASSES! by Tacoma artist, Oliver Doriss.

 Welcome to the inaugrual launch of  


The Baby Head Cup was first created in 1994  by Oliver Doriss. It has evolved since those humble beginnings and is now produced in eight exquisite colors. It has graced such venues as the Guggenheim Museum Store in NY and has now become a staple product of Fulcrum Gallery in Tacoma, WA 

Clear Baby Head Cup

Check the new site take it for a test drive tell me what you think, and please forward this email to your 10 most hilarious friends.

Thanks, Oliver where's my Chianti?

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by Erik on 5/15/2009 @ 1:09am
Crazy. Sounds like they have a market though.