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Mar. 15, 2009 at 2:05pm

Local Video Clips Needed

From my "in" box:
I think I've seen videos of both the 2007 and 2008 6th Ave Day of the Dead events floating around. Anyone have some leads?

Go Local is looking for video clips of Tacoma neighborhood festivals/celebrations/markets for promoting the habit of going local! Please get with us if you have one that is a possibility!
Please forward this on to your contacts to widen our search! 
Thank you,
Go Local Tacoma!

Local Matters!
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by AngelaJossy on 3/15/2009 @ 2:17pm
Here's one:

by ixia on 3/15/2009 @ 6:36pm
yeay, fond memories of the Horns of Destiny, that was awesome.

by jenyum on 3/15/2009 @ 10:06pm
I take seriously awful videos, which is why I don't usually post them.

But here are a few:

First Night 2008, D. doing her totally exhausted almost midnight dance to Alex Duncan:

First Night 2009, instrument petting zoo:

McKinley Street Festival:

(eventually there are less screaming kids in the background and the music is kind of cool.)

by morgan on 3/15/2009 @ 10:28pm
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