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Oct. 17, 2008 at 6:00am

Metro Parks Closer to Deciding on Pool?

I've heard that Metro Parks is getting closer to deciding on What To Do About Titlow Pool. You may have heard about the meetings a few years ago where neighbors came to blows over this.

Now in my "in" box I see that they are indeed taking baby steps. Of the potential locations, I like Candle Park. But I question if a pool should be a priority. I would rather see an indoor fun park with wave machines, water tubes, and spray guns. But that's just me.

Park Board Committee of the Whole (COW)
October 20, 2008
6:00 p.m.
Metro Parks Headquarters, Main Conference Room
4702 S. 19th Street
The Board of Park Commissioners plans to discuss the North/West/Central Pool project as part of their Committee of the Whole work session on October 20. Since this is a work session, and not a regular Board meeting, no public testimony or formal action will be taken. 

Metro Parks:

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by Erik on 10/16/2008 @ 11:44pm
I hope this issue gets resolved soon.

by fredo on 10/17/2008 @ 9:32am
Morgan@ Interesting post. I think the park under discussion is spelled with a "K" as in "Kandle Park".

A new pool at Kandle would be good for my family since its closer to our home. In fact the pool at Titlow is curiously located far from any population center.
Having said that, these mega-pools become sort of a magnet for people who want some free babysitting and drop off their kids for the day. They stay at the pool and enjoy the attraction, or alternatively wander around the neighborhood annoying the neighbors.

by morgan on 10/17/2008 @ 2:08pm
Kandle- ok. For the longest time, I wanted to call it Candlestick so I'm getting closer.

Does anyone have info on pool use trends nationwide? My understanding is there is decreasing interest in swimming- at the same time operational costs for pools are soaring. Which makes me question building a new public pool.

But now indoor water parks- now your talking!