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Sep. 14, 2009 at 6:45am

North End Neighborhood Council Hosts Candidates Forum TONIGHT at UPS!

You are invited to attend the North End Neighborhood Council 2009

Candidates Forum.

The Forum is being hosted by the University of Puget Sound in their
Trimble Hall Forum. Trimble Hall is located on the west side of N.
Lawrence (at N. 14th) across from Wheelock Student Center. The Forum
begins at 6PM.

Candidates invited include Mayor of Tacoma, City Council #2 and #6,
Tacoma School District, and Pierce County Auditor.

The format for the forum is as follows:

1. Candidates will be called upon in groups, grouped by the office

2. Moderator will pick the first candidate to start, then rotate
through in turn

3. Candidates will have 1 minute to give an opening statement.

4. Maximum response to each question will be 1 minute.

5. A 1 minute closing statement will be at the option of the

6. Time will be kept and enforced.

Questions will be selected by the Moderator (I am not the Moderator)
from those submitted by NENC Board and Council Members. Questions may also be asked from those submitted by those attending the Forum.

Substitutes will not be allowed to answer questions for an absent
Candidate. Absent Candidates can have a statement no longer than 1
minute read by a substitute.

Literature may be distributed before and after the Forum. An area
will be designated for campaign literature. Candidates are responsible
for removing all surplus literature and signs by the end of the Forum.

Finally, parking may be available in the Wheelock Student Center
parking lot.

I hope you will be able to attend. This is a unique opportunity to
hear your candidates answer questions in real-time.


Jonathan Phillips

Chair, North End Neighborhood Council

PS. Neither the North End Neighborhood Council nor the University of
Puget Sound endorse any candidate for election or the questions,
answers, or statements made at the Forum.


Full disclosure: I have been honored with the title of "Keeper of the Time" for this event - see you there!


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by Erik on 9/14/2009 @ 9:49am
This is going to be a great candidate forum.

Count me in as well!

NENC website:

by fredo on 9/14/2009 @ 11:00pm
I hope the candidates answered all these questions:

Do you favor greater accountability?
Do you favor more transparency?
Do you favor more felons being released in Tacoma?