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Jun. 27, 2009 at 1:00am

Picture Tacoma: The Artists' Postcard Project Grand Opening Party This Sunday June 28th 4-8pm

The The Artists' Postcard Project is the latest from the mind of Tacoma artist, Lynn DiNino. You may know Lynn from such projects as Chaos Into Order, The Red Door Project, 100th Monkey Parties, Suitcase Sightings, and Figure Head Roll. She's been called Tacoma's Matriarch of the Arts and has more creativity in her pinky fingernail than I do my entire body.

Here's the invite to the release party:

You are invited to the postcard coming-out party
Sunday, June 28th from 4 - 8 pm
Grand Impromptu Gallery, next to the Grand Cinema in Tacoma
  • Light refreshments
  • an opportunity to buy postcards and framed/signed postcards
created by these local photographer/graphic artists:  Morgan Alexander, Beautiful Angle, George Boucier, John Carlton, Becky Frehse, Di Morgan Graves, Tom Holt, Duncan James Livingston, Doug & Lynn Mackey, Ann Meersman, Steve Naccarato, Rick Semple, Peter Serko, Sharon Styer, Theresa Tavernero, Elayne Vogel and Judy Wagner - so far. . . . Visit

Venues carrying some of the cards: Tacoma Art Museum, Museum of Glass, Washington State History Museum, Embellish Hair Salon, NW Shop, Art Stop, BKB Gallery, Fulcrum Gallery in an upcoming show, Tacoma Art Supply and a few other Tacoma sites.

Special thanks to Becky and Ann for the image above and to photographer Paul Meersman.

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by intacoma on 6/29/2009 @ 1:34pm
some of them are really bad, few gems though