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Nov. 1, 2009 at 1:00am

"Salish Sea" Heads For Federal Approval

The Capitol Record reports, "The Washington State Board on Geographic Names today approved "Salish Sea" as the name for the waterways including Puget Sound, the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Georgia Strait."

As long as we're at it, why not rename other landmarks back to their traditional names?

Anyone up for joining a campaign to change the name of Mt Rainier to Mt Tacoma? The forms have been submitted, but some legwork still needs to be done.

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by Crenshaw Sepulveda on 10/31/2009 @ 10:35pm
I am a firm believer that if Mt Rainier is renamed back to Mt Tahoma that the curse on Tacoma will be lifted.

by L.S.Erhardt on 11/1/2009 @ 1:42am
"Salish" has an "S" in it just like "Seattle" does, so the name change will happen. But "Tahoma" sounds too much like "Tacoma". Seattle will never let that happen. This isn't the first time the idea of changing Rainier's name has come up or been tried.

But then again, Mt McKinley is now Denali. The Rainier/Tahoma thing hasn't been tried since the McKinley/Denali swapp-a-roo. If we can get a mountain named for an assassinated US president (also just happens to be the tallest peak in North America) renamed. So maybe it won't be so difficult getting a mountain named after a Rear Admiral who fought against the US in the American Revolution to be renamed.

by dltooley on 11/1/2009 @ 6:46am
Perhaps the only way you'd get Merritt and Bill Baarsma at the same table?

Promoting Tacoma as the access point to the national and international destination of Mt Rainier should be a big goal, and this might just be the way to do it.

Even if you have to through the McKinley neighborhood to get there!

by fredo on 11/1/2009 @ 7:15am
what's a fedreal?

by L.S.Erhardt on 11/1/2009 @ 11:52am
@ Fredo... halfway between federal and feral?

@dltooley: Just rename the McKinley neighborhood too.

by Nick on 11/3/2009 @ 1:42pm
Last time I checked, Mt. Rainier was within Pierce County. I can't speak for the legal side, but as for principle I'd say people from other nearby counties can kiss our collective booty.

Seems to be a reasonable request to me, returning a mountain to its original name that also happens to reflect the name of its county's urban center. Let's do it!