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Dec. 11, 2008 at 8:00am

SAVE THE DATE - Inaugural Party - Tuesday Jan 20

From my "in" box - I'm sure this will be one of many parties going on!

Yes, We Can - - -  Yes, We DID!

Now, let’s party and celebrate on Inauguration Day (night…)

SAVE THE DATE:        
Tuesday evening, January 20, 2009: 7:00 to 11:00 pm
At the Swiss Tavern (So 19th & Jefferson, Tacoma)

* * *   Live music by the Disclaimers  * * *

This is going to be a great party.  Be there or be square…

Cosponsored by:           
People for Peace Justice & Healing                                   
The Pierce County Democrats

...details to follow

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by morgan on 1/12/2009 @ 12:14pm
Don't forget to not RSVP for this!

(must be 21 - free!)

by intacoma on 1/12/2009 @ 1:19pm
my inbox says this is going to be full of hippies rocking out to covers

by scout on 1/21/2009 @ 12:50pm
I rocked out and danced my butt off - it was very fun with good music and people that were actually my own age -

by scout on 1/21/2009 @ 12:51pm
The highlight of the night was being asked for my ID.

by scout on 1/21/2009 @ 12:52pm
I think that is because the cat is underage though he has a fake id....

by intacoma on 1/21/2009 @ 1:40pm
yeah turned out to be awesome, was great seeing everyone having a good time