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Oct. 16, 2008 at 1:43pm

Squeak and Squawk: The Biggest Show You've Never Heard About

I'm not sure why you haven't heard about it. Maybe it's too underground and you're too above ground. I know I am. But sitting at Blackwater right now reminds me that one of possibly the most important events in Tacoma this year is starting tonight: the Squeak and Squawk Music Festival 

One of the artists that caught me eye is Calvin Johnson. Some of you older hipsters may recognize him from founding K Records, DJing on KAOS, and bands such as the Cool Rays, Beat Happening, The Go Team, Halo Benders, and Dub Narcotic Sound System, to name a few.

He even has a wikipedia page:

But there's a bunch of other acts besides Johnson- check out the lineup:

Organized by The Helm:

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