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Feb. 27, 2009 at 1:00am

Tacoma Buddhist Temple Sukiyaki Dinner This Sunday

From my "in" box:

(If you haven't tried sukiyaki before - you're missing out!)

You are warmly invited to the Tacoma Buddhist Temple ?s


Sukiyaki Dinner

This Sunday, March 1, 2009

11 AM to 4 PM


Please join us for an ethnic experience of traditional Sukiyaki - thinly sliced beef, tofu, noodles and vegetables cooked in soy sauce. 

Other Japanese specialties will include Chicken Teriyaki and Teriyaki Beef Kabob.


Tacoma Buddhist Temple

1717 S. Fawcett Ave

Tacoma, WA  98402


 We are located 2 blocks up the hill from the University of WA Tacoma campus

Please feel free to forward this email on, thank you!


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by intacoma on 2/23/2009 @ 8:25pm
that looks tasty

by Mofo from the Hood on 2/23/2009 @ 10:33pm
Which invention came first... Japanese Sukiyaki or Banquet Frozen Dinner Sukiyaki?

by Crenshaw Sepulveda on 2/24/2009 @ 12:32am
Tacoma, it seems, had the very first female Buddhist minister in America. The Tacoma Buddhist Temple has a very interesting history not just in Buddhism, but in the life of Tacoma and beyond.

From the Tacoma Public Library:

"Mrs. Sunya Pratt, leader of the Tacoma Buddhist Center, is ordained as the first female Buddhist Priest in the United States. Born in England, the daughter of a philosopher, she was acquainted with Buddhism as a young teen. She began her active study in 1934 with Rev. Robert Clifton and dropped her given name Gladys to adopt the name of Sunya. On April 23, 1936 she was ordained as a Upasika Bhikuni and given the name Rev. Tei-un. (T Times 4/22/1936 p.1;"

A picture of Ms Pratt can be found using a search at the Tacoma Library's web site.

by Dave_L on 2/27/2009 @ 5:20pm
Thanks, Morgan; I think we'll be there. It will be a good place to celebrate a birthday.