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Sep. 5, 2009 at 1:00am

The Wood Nightclub and Rock & Roll Eatery (Formerly The Firwood Rock Lounge) Coming to Downtown Tacoma

The 7th-9th Street section of Pacific seems to be getting hotter and hotter!

I'm not much of a hipster like others here on the Feed, and this is probably old news - but we're desperate for news here on the Feed! The Firwood Rock Lounge is moving into the old Drake's building at 734 Pacific Ave! Their myspace page refers to the Drake's location as the "Multi-Level Nightclub - The Wood." - check out the tour of the Drake's building video.

There is still no word on when - or if - that Coconut place up the street is opening. It's been so long, that I can't even remember what it's called.

Seattle has Pioneer Square. Vancouver has the Gaslamp Quarter. I'm sure Portland has something. The question is: what will Tacoma call it's burgeoning new little hipster area?

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by Erik on 9/5/2009 @ 3:37pm
Interesting. In the past, the Drake has been a pretty wild zone.

The Loft has always had to have a police car outside. Juno required a huge police presence. They are closed now.

Let's hope the Firwood Rock Lounge can be successful and add to the neighborhood without letting the area go out of control and without impinging on other businesses and restaurants.

We will see.

by L.S.Erhardt on 9/5/2009 @ 6:27pm
Could be cool, if I were to go visit. Not much of a clubber... never really have been.

Portland has the Pearl District, I remember a ton of clubs from when I last visited.

...Perhaps we could call our club 'hood Up-Down (as in "Upper Downtown"). Sounds trendy, no?

by fredo on 9/6/2009 @ 6:43am
The name of the place is too long, remember Clinkerdagger Biggerstaff and Potts restaurant? Nobody else does either.