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Jul. 18, 2011 at 11:53pm

City to conduct garbage collection pilot program

Garbage collection: Every-other-week collection pilot

The city will begin Every-Other-Week Garbage Collection Pilot in two days. Pilot participants will expect ever-other-week garbage collection with a larger containier or additional containiers, more food waste recycling in yard waste bin, free kitchen bucket and increased recycling teaching. The participants will be compensated for their participation.

The pilot will be conducted in the south, west and north ends of Tacoma. The pilot program will effect 1,370 Tacoma single-family households that represent a diverse population of Tacoma.

In the south end the pilot will start July 20 and in the north and west ends August 1. The south end pilot teroritory will be from South 82nd to 96th streets and between A Street and McKinley Avenue with 603 effected. The west and north end teroritory will be between Sixth Avenue to North 26th Street and between parts of Pearl and Mullen streets with 768 effected. 

The pilot will evaulate financial and enviromental benefits including:

  • Carbon footprint (emissions)
  • Collection efficiency (labor, time, maintenance)
  • Food waste recycling (garbage diversion)
  • Customer service (staff outreach, surveys)

For more information please visit the city's website

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