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Aug. 16, 2011 at 12:47am

DUI Prevention Summit August 27

Learn how to prevent DUI's

Sheena Blair was the victim of a drunk driver February 26, 2010 in Everett. She and her friend Tony, who was killed in the wreck and two others, who suffered permanent disabling injuries was hit by a drunk driver, Camille Spink of Bothell, in a wrong way crash. She passed away.  

Frank and Carol Blair and their daughter Amy after this horrible incident, has been seeing a trauma counselor to cope with this ordeal.

They have also made it their goal to prevent other DUI crashes. Frank took to Facebook to make the message known that DUI is a crime. This past legislative session the family testified to the legislature to help past tougher DUI laws. One of those bills past the legislature. They plan to be back next session to testify again.

Frank with the help of others has now planned the First Annual Sheena Blair DUI Prevention Summit. Learn what you can do to prevent DUIs in a day of information and education. Keynote speakers include Senator Debbie Regala and Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist who will join a handful of other speakers at this important event.

The event will take place August 27 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Jackson Hall, 314 MLK Jr. Way. The public is invited to attend.

For more information contact Val Gish at (253) 403-8667 or by email at      

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by Charlotte on 8/16/2011 @ 10:23am
I'm really not sure that tougher DUI legislation is the answer to lower drunk driving deaths and injuries. If memory serves, the driver in this case will serve 7 years in prison for being convicted of a crime that she did not intend on committing. The real punishment though, is having to live with the fact that she killed and injured innocent victims. I pray for everybody involved in this terrible tragedy. Switching gears though, there is little evidence that tougher DUI laws prevent people from drinking and driving. What does work is education and community outreach by police, politicians, educators, etc. What we are seeing now in WA State (IMO) is politicians focused on tougher penalties and not focused on prevention of the root cause of drunk driving (awareness). Here is a quick example of an abuse of power by police in Seattle in regards to DUI: . Anyway, I am all for DUI prevention and am curious if anybody else has ideas for DUI prevention that doesn't involve tougher DUI laws and penalties.

by L.S.Erhardt on 8/16/2011 @ 7:47pm
Actually, what will help is a 1-strike you're out law THAT APPLIES TO POLITICIANS AND LAW ENFORCEMENT.

To prove my point, try googling "Washington schools superintendent+DUI".

by fredo on 8/16/2011 @ 7:54pm
Concerned with the level of violence and carnage on the highways?

How about a grass roots effort to place every driver who is caught without a drivers license, without a car registration, or without current liability insurance in jail for 30 days? I'll bet the accident rate and injury rate for vehicular accidents would drop by an astonishing amount.

And thorax, are you ready to jump back in on my topic "flash mob violence?" I think you posted that you were preparing something.

by L.S.Erhardt on 8/16/2011 @ 9:36pm
In progress...

by tacomanewsguy on 8/17/2011 @ 2:56pm
Can anyone think of a better way to control this problem besides throwing people in jail and flooding the jails? What about interchangeable breathalyzer test so the car ignition does not turn on unless you are below the legal intoxication limit?

by The Jinxmedic on 8/17/2011 @ 8:36pm
And how about mandatoy GPS trackers and remote-control immobilzers so the police know when you stop at a bar, a liquor store, a porno theatre, or at an "unauthorized gathering or activity"? Think of the children!

by ixia on 8/17/2011 @ 10:07pm
Mr.Jinxmedic, you crack me up!

by L.S.Erhardt on 8/17/2011 @ 10:23pm
Ban alcohol.

Oh wait... that didn't work last time.
Oh well! Try it again. What's the worst that could happen?

by Frank Blair on 8/24/2011 @ 1:50am
We are encouraging a multifaceted approach to DUI. Stiffer sentences are just one aspect of this whole issue. We are also exploring other options to get people home safely IF they are out and hammered. We would be delighted if the DUI laws weren't enforced because people didn't DO it anymore. I think people are pretty well educated that DUI and vehicular homicide are a bad thing. Now we need people to understand how devastating it is to a family when a drunk kills one of us.
The sentencing increases WILL dissuade a certain percentage of the population. A free ride home will influence another percentage. As for the hard core drunks, THAT'S what the stiffer penalties are FOR. THEY need to be taken off our highways. it's not until they kill someone YOU know that this becomes an important issue.
It's none of my business if people drink. It is ALL of our business when they decide to drive. BTW, the offender in our case WAS sentenced to seven years, but she will do a little less than four. Maybe she didn't "intend" to kill someone, BUT she killed two people and permanently disabled two others. If she had done this much damage with a stick, she would have been looking at 10-20 years. Choice of weapon.

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