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Aug. 9, 2011 at 8:02pm

Hair Again?

All I ever knew about hair replacement surgery I learned on Dr. 90210. Is that show still around? I had never really known of anyone who had had the surgery before (so I thought), and I didn't know of any surgeons doing this procedure until I met Dr. Robert Niedbalski, practicing right here in Tacoma! Dr. Niedbalski is a lovely guy, and immediately likeable. I knew I wanted to work with him the moment I sat down to have my first conversation with him. I took a job at his Tacoma practice as an esthetician and laser technician. My balding husband was a little concerned that I would be going to work for a hair replacement doctor! He wondered what kinds of evil things I was going to make him endure now... Muahahah! Once my husband met the good doctor, he was smitten as well, and his wheels began spinning. The next day he texted me his college football picture, in which he still had a full set of hair! To date, we have not scheduled his surgery, but you can bet we will! Over the many months since I started working for Dr. Bob (you try saying Niedbalski all the time!), I have become more and more interested in the hair replacement side of the business. Doc does hair replacement surgery on men and women, on the scalp and on the eyebrows, and he does beautiful work. He also has non-surgical options for people who are either preparing for a future surgery, are not surgery candidates, or who simply don't want surgery. One treatment I had not heard of is called ACell. It is a stem cell activator that has grown back a person's severed fingertip... WITH the fingernail! ACell is being used widely across medical and veterinary specialties. Dr. Bob uses it in conjunction with surgery and gets an even better survival rate of the grafted hair, and the scar heals almost invisibly. ACell can also be used as a stand alone treatment for helping the patient produce more hair follicles, hair that is thicker in diameter, and hair that remains growing for a longer period of time... Sign me up! Oh yeah, I've already had my ACell therapy! My hair is thinning on the top sides of my hairline, and I no likey dat. Since my treatment over three weeks ago, I have barely been shedding any hair. Normally I shed handfuls of it every time I shampoo. I will keep you posted on my progress, and on what else I am learning!

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by fredo on 8/9/2011 @ 8:41pm
Wouldn't it be easier and less expensive if your husband would just get over his bald head thing? Take a look at a picture of Kevin Frietas. That dude doesn't have a single hair on his head and he's hotter than Telly Selvalas! Then look at a picture of Donald Trump. That guy has more hair than a Yeti and he looks like crap.

by youresthetician on 8/9/2011 @ 8:45pm
You are one tough cookie, Abraham ;) My husband is actually quite a handsome and happy guy, with or without hair... And I've seen Kevin before, and he looks good also. Donald, on the other hand, needs to see my friend Carine Deleon for a good haircut ASAP!

by fredo on 8/9/2011 @ 8:47pm
Hey why don't you post a picture of your husband and let the feedtacoma crowd decide if he need the hair transplants or not?

by youresthetician on 8/9/2011 @ 8:51pm
I am stuck without my personal computer for a few more weeks and have not quite mastered my iPad yet! But I will when I can :)

by youresthetician on 8/9/2011 @ 8:52pm
And of course he doesn't NEED a transplant, but people should do what makes them happy.

by youresthetician on 8/9/2011 @ 9:01pm


Until beginning my middle-age (now!), I have worked in the beauty industry. Hair, skin, nails, and makeup, but mostly skin care and makeup, has been my thing for a long time now. As middle-age began encroaching on me, I knew I was going to have to stay in the biz and keep in the know if I was going to attempt to age, ahem, gracefully. I was blessed to come under Dr. Niedbalski's employ in the fall of 2010, where I have been providing skin care, laser, and makeup services. After finding my dream boss, my husband took a job in the Tri Cities. Elation! Over the additional 215 days/year of sunshine I will be enjoying! Despair! Over leaving my dream employer, life long friends, wonderful clients, and the list goes on. But! The good karma bus has come my way this year, and I am ecstatic that Dr. Niedbalski has asked me to be his E WA consultant and marketing person! I'm going to have a lot to learn, a lot to do, and a lot to talk about!

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