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Feb. 11, 2009 at 2:01pm

Schweitzer Makeup Studios

Makeup Academy

Schweitzer Makeup Studios owner, Sharona Schweitzer, has elected to hold her 2009 makeup academies at Appassionato - an image studio, in Fife.  Sharona is an expert in her field and has been a mentor to many.  In addition to her studio work, which includes academy, as well as wedding and special events makeup, Ms. Schweitzer is also the trainer and events person for Iredale Mineral Cosmetics for all of Washington and Coeur d' Alene, Idaho.

The first academy of 2009 begins on Sunday, February 22nd, and is already full.  The second academy will begin on Sunday, April 19th, and only has a few spots left! 


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Until beginning my middle-age (now!), I have worked in the beauty industry. Hair, skin, nails, and makeup, but mostly skin care and makeup, has been my thing for a long time now. As middle-age began encroaching on me, I knew I was going to have to stay in the biz and keep in the know if I was going to attempt to age, ahem, gracefully. I was blessed to come under Dr. Niedbalski's employ in the fall of 2010, where I have been providing skin care, laser, and makeup services. After finding my dream boss, my husband took a job in the Tri Cities. Elation! Over the additional 215 days/year of sunshine I will be enjoying! Despair! Over leaving my dream employer, life long friends, wonderful clients, and the list goes on. But! The good karma bus has come my way this year, and I am ecstatic that Dr. Niedbalski has asked me to be his E WA consultant and marketing person! I'm going to have a lot to learn, a lot to do, and a lot to talk about!

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